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British ‘ISIS bride’ was ‘secretly’ flown to Syria by Canadian spy, new book claims

British ‘ISIS bride’ was ‘secretly’ flown to Syria by Canadian spy, new book claims
British ‘ISIS bride’ was ‘secretly’ flown to Syria by Canadian spy, new book claims

A new book comes to give a new dimension to the way the Shamima Begum, also called the “Bride of ISIS” managed to reach Syria. So according to “The Secret History of the Five Eyes” written by journalist Richard Kerbaj Begum and two of her teenage friends were taken to Syrian soil by a Canadian spy working for Canadian intelligence.

In 2019, Begum was stripped of her British citizenship while according to new information the man behind her escape was working as a double agent offering his services to both the Islamic State and the Canadian intelligence services.

According to what is written in the book, it is said that Canadian security authorities remained silent even as Scotland Yard conducted a massive investigation into Begum and her friends. At the same time, through the pages of the book, the journalist claims that Canada admitted its involvement while he managed to convince the British secret services to “cover up” their role. At the same time there have been calls for an investigation into what both the intelligence and police knew about Canada’s role in the case.

The Begum family’s lawyer, Tasnime Akunjee, told The Times that “Britain has praised its efforts to stop ISIS by spending millions of pounds on the Prevent program and electronic monitoring. “However, at the same time we are working with a Western ally, sharing sensitive information with them, while effectively arresting British children and then handing them over to ISIS in an intelligence-gathering effort.”

According to the book a human trafficker was recruited from Canada when he sought asylum from its embassy in Jordan. And all this at a time when in Ottawa there is concern about invitations to young people to join ISIS.

As reported by the Times, the book claims that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) remained silent on the explosive allegations, resorting to the path of secrecy. For his part, when asked by the Times to comment on the specific revelations, the British intelligence official refused to comment.

What Begum told The Times in 2019

“I’m not the same stupid 15-year-old schoolgirl who ran away from Bethnal Green four years ago,” Samima Begum said in an exclusive interview with the Times newspaper in February 2019. “And I don’t regret coming here,” he had added.

In February 2015 Begum traveled to Syria with her classmates at the east London school Bethnal Green Academy Kandiza Sultana and Amira Abbas.

The three friends met their other classmate Sharmina Begum, who left London in December 2014. They each married a foreign Islamic State fighter shortly after arriving in Raqqa, Shamima told the newspaper. He also said the three girls were forced to stay in a “women’s home” when they first arrived in Syria.

Soon Samima married a Dutch jihadist, while one of her friends married an American, another an Australian and the third a Bosnian. Speaking from the al-Hol camp in north-east Syria, Samima Begum, who was heavily pregnant at the time, explained that she had escaped the fighting in Baghouz, where IS jihadists were fighting to retain their last stronghold in the region. Begum said that two babies she had given birth to died.

“I couldn’t bear the pain and hardships of being on the battlefield,” the 19-year-old told the newspaper. “But I was also afraid that the baby I was about to bring into the world would die, like my other children, if I stayed. So I left the caliphate. Now all I want is to go back to Britain,” he had said.

According to Begum, some of her friends, whose husbands have been killed, have decided to stay in Baghuz. “It was their choice as women to stay,” she commented. She also added that two of her classmates with whom she had escaped from Britain had been killed in bombings, while the fate of a third remains unknown.

“It didn’t bother me at all” when I saw the first discarded “decapitated head” in a trash can, Mbegum said. “He was a captive fighter, who had been captured on the battlefield, an enemy of Islam. All I thought about was what he would do to a Muslim woman if given the chance.”

It is noted that all the efforts she made to regain her British citizenship have fallen into vain as the Supreme Court ruled that Begum cannot return to Britain for reasons of national security. The law states that a person’s citizenship can be taken away if it is judged to be in the public interest.

Earlier this summer, speaking to iNews from the camp where she is awaiting trial by Syrian-Kurdish forces, she said she wanted to be “as British as possible” and admitted she expected to spend the rest of her life in Syria.

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