The Nazis starved them to become cannibals

The horrors of the Nazi concentration camps have been rekindled in the trial of 97-year-old Irmgard Furchner, who is accused of killing 11,000 people at the Stakhov concentration camp in Poland.

97-year-old Irmgard Furchner was a secretary at this particular concentration camp in World War II. In the same trial, 93-year-old survivor Risa Silbert also testified as a prosecution witness and he described what hell would be like.


“Most had become cannibals. People were starving and forced to tear the flesh of the dead to take their liver and eat it,” he said.

She described how her father and brother were murdered by Nazi collaborators in Kaunas, Lithuania, and then her mother and sister were taken to Stathof concentration camp in 1944.


“Every morning the prisoners had to get up at 4am. Those who failed were subjected to merciless torture by the SS. They were whipped without mercy. No one was called by their name. To them we were all “bastards”.

Their mother died of typhus in January 1945. Now the camp has become a museum to commemorate the atrocities of the Nazis.

As for the 97-year-old defendant, of course she denies that she knew how the defendants were being sent to the gas chambers, but one wonders how this is done since, as revealed in the trial, her husband was an SS soldier and in fact in 1954 he testified that he knew everything.

In fact, her activity continued even after the end of the war as she hid German soldiers in her apartment.

The Stathof concentration camp was established on September 2, 1939 in the village of the same name by Nazi Germany and is on Polish territory.

It soon grew to consist of 40 sub-camps in various areas. Over 110,000 people were found and martyred there until May 1945.

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