This 31-year-old has the biggest mouth in the world and it went viral – She entered the Guinness book

A 31-year-old TikToker has entered the Guinness Book of World Records thanks to the elasticity of her mouth, which has gone viral on the internet.

31-year-old Samantha Ramsdell from Stamford, Connecticut, has gone viral several times thanks to her unique appearance – with her mouth opening 14.5cm wide and 6.5-6.7cm in vertical opening.

Her world record was confirmed at her dentist’s office in South Norwalk. Doctor Elke Cheung, measured the dimension of Ramsdell’s mouth from end to end and found that it is the largest mouth of a woman on Earth.

Samantha, who works as a medical sales representative, told Guinness that she feels “great” about her mouth, at a time when it was a huge insecurity.

How he turned insecurity into an advantage

“To be 31 and be able to get a record for something that I really was so insecure about, something that I wanted to keep so small, is great because now it’s one of the biggest, best things for me,” he explained.

“If I had to advise anyone who has something big on their body or something really unique and wants to try and go for the Guinness World Records title, I’d say go for it! Do it proudly and make it your biggest asset. It’s your superpower. It’s what makes you special and different from everyone else around.”

Another talent he wanted to present at the beginning

In fact, Samantha originally started her social media accounts to showcase her singing talent, never knowing that her mouth would attract such attention.

In 2019, Samantha only had about 300 followers on social media, but she now has 1.7 million dedicated fans on TikTok, where she goes by the account @samramsdell5.

“I lost over 22 pounds two years ago and got my confidence back,” Samantha previously said in November 2020.

@samramsdell5 Questions I get about having the worlds largest mouth for a female

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