“Friendly” shootings between Russians in Kherson due to… alcohol

“Friendly” shootings between Russians in Kherson due to… alcohol
“Friendly” shootings between Russians in Kherson due to… alcohol

These things also happen to war in Ukraine… Although there is a belief that what has unfolded in the “serial” is unimaginable and there is already a lot to be able to talk about a completely changing setting, the situation resembles a movie and the surprises do not stop. A bloody shooting incident occurred between Russians over…alcohol.

In particular, three of Vladimir Putin’s men were killed by gunfire and two others were injured in a… military manhunt with the agents of the FSB security services.

The 31-year-old sergeant Igor Sudin pshot and killed two FSB officers in Kherson after he was caught drinking alcohol while in uniform, according to a Moscow investigation.

His sergeant friend who was drinking with him, 28-year-old Sergei, was also killed in the shooting at a restaurant in Kherson.

Everything began when four FSB agents burst into the cafeteria where the soldiers were having lunch and they were caught… on their own initiative consuming alcoholic beverages while on duty.

Then the argument started between the agents and the two soldiers. Shortly thereafter, tempers flared until shots were fired.

The scenes are chaotic, with the 31-year-old sergeant opening fire on the spies with his AK-74 rifle.

Two of the FSB officers were killed as was the 28-year-old sergeant, while the third agent and the 31-year-old who started shooting were taken to hospital.

The fourth FSB agent fled the scene.

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