A couple had sex on the bar of a club in Crimea and the patrons… were happy!

A couple had sex on the bar of a club in Crimea and the patrons… were happy!
A couple had sex on the bar of a club in Crimea and the patrons… were happy!

His decision to have sex in… public view in one bar, led him behind prison bars. The young man arrested by the police was caught in the act after the videos uploaded by the patrons of the store, watching live… sex.

The incident happened in the city of Sevastopol on Monday night, just a few hours before one broke out series of explosions at nearby Saky Air Base. The tragic events that are happening in Crimea, which is the target of Russian forces after their invasion of Ukraine, do not seem to bother some who, in the midst of war, found the opportunity to have fun in this way. As seen in the photos, the hunk is shirtless while performing sex with her naked brunette his partner, who holds a bar so as not to lose her balance.

Then the brunette beauty appears, undisturbed from the “staring” looks to bending down in front of the… bully and doing to him oral sex. In fact, a visitor to the bar seems to have been excited by the whole situation and came very close to them to take a close-up just a few centimeters away from the… action.

As Newyorkpost reports, in Russia, the public sex is a crime punishable by a small fine and imprisonment for up to 15 days. Police learned of the act after it was posted on social media and immediately launched an investigation into the “kinky” culprits.

In a statement released Wednesday, Russia’s Interior Ministry’s directorate for the city of Sevastopol said they quickly identified the man — a 32-year-old who works at the store.

While the man has been in custody for 14 days, the participant remains free, with a police representative stating: “The identification of the second participant in the incident is expected to be ascertained, so that she can also be brought to justice.”

However, it appears to be one “hot” summer in Europe, with numerous headline-grabbing incidents of public sex taking place across the continent.

Last week, a couple of HBO lovers were spotted have sex on a ‘Game of Thrones’ set in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Meanwhile, two cheeky Brits have been arrested for having sex on the roof of a car park on the country’s hottest day on record. The couple defied the country’s public health orders warning that they should avoid vigorous outdoor activities as temperatures exceeded 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

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