Citizens in Hanover will now only bathe in cold water

Citizens in Hanover will now only bathe in cold water
Citizens in Hanover will now only bathe in cold water

Hanover is its first major city Germany which takes extraordinary measures to save energy by, among other things, allowing bathers in the pools to bathe in cold water.

The capital of the state of Lower Saxony is putting an end to heated swimming pools, as the German newspaper “Bild” typically reports, commenting on the mayor’s initiative.

Now, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, sports centers and gyms will only have cold water.

Not a drop of water will flow from the fountains in Hanover and, in the evening hours, the town hall, museums and other attractions will not be illuminated.

The authorities in Hanover aim to save 15% on energy consumption.

“The situation is unpredictable,” says Hannover’s Green mayor, Turkish-born Belit Onay, noting that schools, nursing homes and clinics are exempt from the restrictions.

In addition, public buildings will have heating from 1 October to 31 March – with a maximum room temperature of 20 degrees.

Their guests will only be able to wash their hands with cold water. Additional air conditioners and radiators will not be used in the premises, while the number of electrical devices such as printers and refrigerators will be reduced.

Public businesses will be closed between Christmas and New Year.

The plan of Hanover is expected to be followed very soon by other German cities, such as Leipzig, writes the German publication.

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