Zakharova on Maidan: It turned Ukraine into a destitute land without independence

Zakharova on Maidan: It turned Ukraine into a destitute land without independence
Zakharova on Maidan: It turned Ukraine into a destitute land without independence

Statements by the representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Maidan protests

After the “Maidan coup’, Ukraine lost its state independence and turned into a ‘poor, destitute land’the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said Maria Zakharova in comment on the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the Ukrainian Euromaidan protests.
“Today it is appropriate to ask the question, what exactly did Euromaidan do for Ukraine, if her ultimate dream of integrating into the “European family” has come true. The answer is obvious,” said the diplomat.
“Ukraine has changed from a self-sufficient, industrially developed and populous republic of the former USSR to a poor, destitute regionZakharova noted.
“The country it has lost its state independence and is maintained by western colonialists which determine its internal and external policy”, the diplomat pointed out.
He advised those who participated in the protests ten years ago to “imagine what tragic consequences it would have had for them”.
“It is sad that our brother Ukrainian people, having been held hostage by the Anglo-Saxons and the Kiev regime which serves their interests, is forced to live under tyranny, in fact, in a colony, entirely dependent on external donations,” pointed out the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
“But that’s it the price of the so-called “European option”which covered up the cold-blooded plans of the West to turn Ukraine into a Russophobic aggressive nationalist state, to use it as a tool in the existential struggle with Russia in costing the lives of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens and ruined the fate of millions of peopleZakharova pointed out, once again firing at the West for her strategy.
At the same time, the representative of the Russian diplomacy referred to the developments that followed the Maidan demonstrations, explaining that “the reprisals from the central authorities and the eight-year civil war against Donbass prompted residents of six of Ukraine’s 27 regions to choose to join Russia».
In a retrospective of the Maidan events, Zakharova recalled that ten years ago “skilled instigators, trained by American and European instructors, brought crowds to street demonstrations with promises of a “better European” life, visa-free travel to EU countries , democracy, freedom of speech, human rights and the fight against corruption,” he pointed out.
While he added that “actually, it was fine orchestrated and organized mass riots aimed at overthrowing the legitimate government».
From the very first days of Euromaidan, “it was clear that we were talking about another one “color revolution” – “the brainchild” of the United States and their allies” concluded the representative of the Russian diplomacy.

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