USA: Minor killed her partner’s mother – She had given him an “ultimatum” to do it himself

USA: Minor killed her partner’s mother – She had given him an “ultimatum” to do it himself
USA: Minor killed her partner’s mother – She had given him an “ultimatum” to do it himself

A 17-year-old Ohio girl brutally killed her boyfriend’s mother after giving him five hours to do it himself, authorities say.

Kaitlyn Coones of Cleveland is on trial as an adult for the murder of 53-year-old Nicole Jones, who prosecutors say she beat to death days after she left her foster home to be with her boyfriend, 33-year-old Jonathan Jones.

Coones allegedly gave Jones, who was previously convicted of having an illicit relationship with the underage girl, five hours to kill his mother, who disapproved of their relationship.

He hit her several times and strangled her

53-year-old Nicole Jones

“Kaitlyn had told Jonathan that they needed to do something for his mother because she was preventing them from being together, and she gave him five hours to do something for her,” the detective told the court.

When those five hours passed and the 33-year-old still hadn’t taken action, Coones took matters into her own hands, prosecutors say.

“He went outside, got a rock, and while Nicole Jones was standing in front of the kitchen refrigerator, unaware of Kaitlyn’s presence, struck her several times and strangled her,” the prosecutor alleged.


Jonathan was reportedly sitting in the living room at the time and allegedly helped his young girlfriend cover up the murder.

The couple drove to two local stores in the 33-year-old’s vehicle and bought tarps and garbage bags to wrap the body and clean the kitchen, prosecutors say.

The duo then placed the body in the car, which they drove to a nearby apartment complex and dumped it in a dumpster that was eventually taken to a landfill, authorities say.

Police say it is unlikely the victim’s body will ever be found.

After disposing of the body, the two suspects are said to have crossed the southern border into Mexico, where they were tracked down by US authorities as Jones had never deactivated the ankle bracelet he was wearing after pleading guilty to previous offences.

After the arrest, the 17-year-old confessed to the murder, while the details were confirmed by the GPS data on the 33-year-old’s phone and watch.

She faces charges of premeditated murder, tampering with evidence and desecration of a corpse.

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