“Alert in Berlin and Munich”! Horror scenario: Newspaper leads to Third World

“Alert in Berlin and Munich”! Horror scenario: Newspaper leads to Third World
“Alert in Berlin and Munich”! Horror scenario: Newspaper leads to Third World

They describe the case of war with the Russians in German cities to convince that Russia must lose!!! The climate is strongly reminiscent of the period before the Second World War…

The German newspaper “Die Zeit” describes a very normal scenario of a conflict between Germany and Russia to convince its readers of what needs to be done!

As reported by the German-language Russia Today:

“He is one of Germany’s greatest warmongers. He sits comfortably in the armchairs of German talk shows and does not avoid any interview request: the politician scientist Carlo Masala. Masala works part-time as a professor at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich. His main job is a propagandist. His most important concern at the moment: to enable Ukraine to achieve a victory over Russia through German support. Masala rhetorically relies on fear mongering.

In an article for the weekly newspaper Die Zeit, Masala and Nico Lange outline the danger of a Russian attack on the EU. Lange is also a warmonger. He works for the recovery campaign of the Munich Security Conference, which aims to make Germany’s militarization and confrontational policy more palatable and auspicious for Germans. Masala and Lange’s positive thesis is: If Ukraine falls, Russia could absorb the entire EU.

The sirens are screaming. Cell phone warning tones ring thousands of times. Alerts in Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin. Cruise missiles and swarms of drones infiltrate German airspace. German soldiers have also been involved in shootings in the Baltic states for days. In response to Russian attacks there, NATO launched an Article 5 assistance case. Russia responded with missiles. […]
Does that sound excessive? No! If Vladimir Putin wins his war of aggression, this scenario is realistic.”
they write!!!

Then they go on to create their horror scenario, the free western world falls and autocracies take over. Therefore, according to the authors of the text, Ukraine should continue to be supplied with weapons and supported financially. He must triumph over Russia, or the world will be desolate!

Putin’s attack is aimed at the European security order, Lange and Masala claim, thereby misleading their readers.

“If we want to save the world as we know it, we must work with Ukraine to repel its onslaught [του Πούτιν]. The reward for this would be more than worth the effort. A Russian defeat by NATO would give Germany and Europe a boost in security, prosperity and global standing. At the same time, Putin’s defeat and thus his predictable downfall would open up opportunities for a future peaceful and constructive role for Russia in Europe. In this regard, it is a defeat for Russia in Ukraine and in the interests of Russia and its society.” they end up in a scenario reminiscent of strongly in the period before the Second World War.

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