Erdogan’s new “fire” at Israel and the EU – “We do not distinguish between Thessaloniki and Mosul”

Erdogan’s new “fire” at Israel and the EU – “We do not distinguish between Thessaloniki and Mosul”
Erdogan’s new “fire” at Israel and the EU – “We do not distinguish between Thessaloniki and Mosul”

Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, strongly “accused” Israel in his speech during the cabinet meeting.

Immediately after his return from Berlin, where in front of the German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, he did not hesitate to declare that Turkey will speak freely about the situation in Gaza, noting that it has no debt towards Israel and referring to the Holocaust, Erdogan, this time, said that a sense of Holocaust shame has gripped European leaders, which is why they support Tel Aviv.

“Atrocities in Gaza since October 7”

“We support the people of Gaza, who are struggling to survive under Israel’s immoral and despicable attacks since October 7,” Erdogan said, noting that 11 planes with supplies and a civilian humanitarian aid ship have been sent to Egypt so far. to be handed over to the people of Gaza.

As he said, in Gaza, since October 7, “a complete atrocity has been displayed, a cruelty that is nothing like what happened in the occupation of the Crusaders a thousand years ago, in World War II.”

“Holocaust shame has gripped European leaders”

Saying that the Israeli government is in a “state of insanity” and bragging about slaughtering military and armed civilians and pregnant women with their unborn babies, the Turkish president added that “Netanyahu is trying to regain his reputation, which he has completely lost sight of.” of the Israeli people by bombing hospitals, schools and places of worship. Hospitals in particular have become the symbol of Israeli atrocities. “Almost all the hospitals in Gaza were either destroyed, damaged, or rendered useless by the Israeli attacks.”

“We all watched the atrocities that took place at Al-Ehli Baptist and Shifa hospitals, the largest health facilities in Gaza. It was understandable that Israel’s claims about these hospitals were completely stupid, but despite everything, the so-called civilized world silently watched Israel’s attacks on hospitals,” he noted.

“Holocaust shame has gripped European leaders”

Keeping for himself and Turkey the role of the peacemaker, but also the “friend”, as he said in his speech, Tayyip Erdoğan noted that “while we, as Turkey, are mobilizing to stop the bloodshed in Gaza, we are watching with indignation the unconsciousness of western countries. The Israeli occupation forces massacre innocent people every day – women, children, journalists, doctors, the elderly and civilians – but there is not the slightest reaction from any country, from Europe to America.”

“We do not distinguish between Thessaloniki and Mosul”

“With the exception of one or two countries that have a conscience, like Spain,” he argued, “Western institutions and organizations have completely turned a deaf ear to the cries coming from Gaza. We are faced with an audacity, or rather cowardice, that hesitates even to use the word ceasefire,” he said.

And he pointed out that “the shame of the Holocaust has almost captured the European leaders. Not only the leaders, but also Western intellectuals, media and human rights organizations are trying to whitewash Israel. And the Israeli leadership uses the Holocaust as a shield for genocidal attacks against the Palestinians.”

“We do not distinguish between Thessaloniki and Mosul”

Speaking once again about the borders of his… heart, the Turkish president emphasized that “Turkey’s political and cultural borders do not start from its official borders, but from a much wider line from the Adriatic to the Great Wall of China” .

In addition, he noted that “if we do not react to what is happening in Gaza today, we will not be able to prevent the invading fanaticism called the ‘promised land’ from arriving on our lands tomorrow. For this reason, we say: Every event that takes place in our four corners, from the Balkans to the Caucasus, from the Black Sea to the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, concerns us directly.”

“Time will prove how big a mistake the European Union made, which punishes the Turkish Cypriots”

“Karabakh’s place in our hearts is the same as Gaza’s place in our hearts. Just as we do not distinguish between Bosnia and Aleppo, Tripoli and Valkh, Thessaloniki and Mosul, we see our ancient cities and Jerusalem as the same,” Erdogan added.

“Time will show the EU’s mistake,” he said of the occupied territories

As reported by the Turkish Anadolu Agency, the Turkish president also referred to the occupied territories, expressing his satisfaction with the 10th Summit of the Organization of Turkic States and saying that “it was a historic step for the TRNC to become an observer member of the organization under its constitutional name ».

According to Erdogan, Ankara with steps in every sector ensures that the ties with the occupied territories are further strengthened, while he recalled the opening of the runway of Ercan Airport.

“We will achieve more. Time will prove how big a mistake the European Union made, which is punishing the Turkish Cypriots, acting contrary to its promises. Despite the injustices we have suffered, we maintain our will for a just and permanent solution. We believe that the way to this goes through the confirmation of the equal sovereignty and the equal international status of the Turkish Cypriots”, he said.

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