What will Israel’s deal with Hamas include – Attacks on the Indonesian hospital

What will Israel’s deal with Hamas include – Attacks on the Indonesian hospital
What will Israel’s deal with Hamas include – Attacks on the Indonesian hospital

The leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, in a statement on Tuesday 11/21 he said the group “has given its response to the brothers in Qatar and the mediators and we are close to reaching a ceasefire agreement”, according to news agencies and Palestinian news agencies.

According to international media reports, details are expected to be announced in the next period, perhaps in the next few hours from Qatar.

The content of the agreement

A first taste of what that deal might include comes from AFP, citing officials from Hamas and the Islamic Jihad group, who also told the news agency that their organizations have agreed to the terms of the agreement.

According to AFP, such an agreement could include:

  • A five-day truce that would include a ceasefire in ground fighting and restrictions on Israeli air operations over southern Gaza.
  • Freeing 50 to 100 hostages from Hamas and Islamic Jihad, who would be Israeli civilians or others of other nationalities, but not soldiers.
  • In exchange, 300 Palestinians, including women and children, will be released from Israeli prisons.

Hamas official Izzat al-Risk said the deal would include a ceasefire, arrangements for truck entrance which they will offer humanitarian aid in all areas in Gaza and transport the wounded to other countries for treatment.

It will also include a prisoner exchange agreement to release Palestinian women and children held in Israeli prisons, with women and children held hostage by Hamas.

Al-Risk said talks had been going on for weeks, but Israeli Prime Minister MBenjamin Netanyahu delayed, adding that it has been agreed upon by all brigades of the Palestinian resistance.

THE White House he also said negotiations were in the final stages, but declined to give further details, saying it could jeopardize a successful outcome.

Relatives of the hostages met last night with Israel’s prime minister and members of the “war government” he has formed to press for stepped-up efforts to return some 240 people held by Hamas from the Gaza Strip to Israel.

“Bringing back our abductees is a sacred and supreme duty and I am committed to it,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said via Twitter after the meeting, without lifting the veil covering the negotiations, while assuring that he had discussed with ” open heart” with families.

“We will not stop fighting until we take the hostages back home, destroy Hamas and make sure there is no longer a threat from Gaza,” he added.

IDF: We surrounded Jambaliya

In its latest update, the Israeli army said on Tuesday that it had completed the encirclement of Jabaliya in northern Gaza and was ready for the next phase.

In a statement, the military said it had carried out strikes on 250 Hamas targets in the past day, including three tunnels in the Jambaliya region, and killed dozens of terrorists.

Targeting the Indonesian hospital

Meanwhile, the Israeli military said overnight that its forces “continued to give battles» in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, while Palestinian sources spoke of tensions in indonesian hospital, which was the target of Israeli strikes the day before, killing “12 patients and their relatives” and injuring “dozens” of others, according to the Hamas Health Ministry.

According to sources at the hospital, over a hundred wounded were treated in the evening and during the night from this health structure in the Nasser compound of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

“We got out (alive) by a miracle”, initially “a school was hit (where the evacuees had taken refuge)”, a young wounded man told AFP as he was being treated. “We were at the Zaitoun school in Gaza City, and from the school we went to the Indonesian hospital. I just have no words,” he added.

Overnight, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported that an Israeli strike on Nuseirat refugee camp, in the central part of the Palestinian enclave, resulting in at least 17 Palestinians being killed and many more injured.

The Palestinian Islamist movement continues to complain that the Israeli army is waging a “war on hospitals” in Gaza; almost all health facilities in the northern part of the Palestinian enclave have now been shut down.

Israel accuses Hamas of using hospitals for military purposes and the civilians inside them as “human shields”, which the Palestinian Islamist movement categorically denies.

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