The moment a ND MP falls to the ground when Hamas rockets are heard


Through a post on social media, the MP of New Democracy, Tasos Hatzivasileiou, describes what he experienced in Israel, while the war against Hamas is still raging.

The MP of New Democracy participates in a delegation of MPs from European countries in Tel Aviv. On his way back from Rahat “war sirens suddenly sounded“, he says in his post, which is accompanied by a related video.

Characteristically, Tasos Hatzivasiliou argues that the experience in Israel was “shocking». He adds: “I have been in Israel since noon, participating in a delegation of parliamentarians from European countries, to see the situation in the field up close. Returning tonight with fellow MPs and the executives of the American Jewish Committee from Rahat in Tel Aviv, suddenly the sirens of war sounded.”

In the same post, Tassos Hatzivasileiou added that “we were asked to get out of the vehicles and lie down on the side of the highway. Hamas rockets rang out one after the other as they were intercepted by the Iron Dome.”

Finally, the MP emphasizes that “it is agreement is necessary for peace”.

The article is in Greek

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