Incredible video: US Navy jet skids off runway and ends up in sea

Incredible video: US Navy jet skids off runway and ends up in sea
Incredible video: US Navy jet skids off runway and ends up in sea

A US Navy reconnaissance aircraft ended up in the waters off the Hawaiian island of Oahu after overshooting the runway at a Marine Corps air base, military officials said.

Fortunately, according to Marine Corps spokeswoman Lt. Col. Haley Harms, no one was injured by the nine-man crew of the P-8A Poseidon, a twin-engine multi-mission patrol aircraft that has the same airframe as a passenger Boeing 737 and has been called a “submarine killer.” ».


Video shows the aircraft with its wings just above the waterline in Kaneohe Bay, outside the Marine Corps base on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, north of the capital Honolulu.

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Visibility was limited to about a mile at the time of the incident due to fog with wind gusts of up to 40 km/h, according to the US National Weather Service. The P-8A Poseidon aircraft is one of the key tools of the US Navy’s operations, as it can carry both torpedoes and cruise missiles, while conducting anti-submarine warfare and intelligence gathering missions.


Earlier this year, a P-8A operating over the South China Sea was intercepted by a Chinese fighter jet that came within 150 meters of it. The air forces of Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Norway and India also have similar aircraft, according to Boeing.

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