Gaza: Rocket workshop and tunnel entrance to mosque

Gaza: Rocket workshop and tunnel entrance to mosque
Gaza: Rocket workshop and tunnel entrance to mosque

IDF forces in the Gaza Strip are continuing to search for any possible Hamas infrastructure or weaponry.

According to the latest announcement by the Israeli army, the IDF found a Hamas rocket manufacturing workshop, as well as weapons inside a mosque in Gaza City.

“I want you to understand: A mosque, in the Zeitoun area, was used as a weapons manufacturing workshop,” IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said at the latest press conference.

The weaponry found inside the mosque.

The IDF maintains that the Zeitoun area is Hamas’ stronghold in southern Gaza

Manny Fabian of the Times of Israel compiled the IDF videos in a post on X (formerly Twitter):

Also found a tunnel entrance?

In fact, as the troops of the 188th Armored Brigade claim, inside a mosque in the Zeitoun district of Gaza City there was also a tunnel entrance, which leads to an unknown destination.

“The troops are entering the mosque, conducting sweeps and making sure there are no traps. They head inside this mosque and find a tunnel shaft… and a staircase,” he added.

The tunnel entrance found by the IDF.

“Terrorists are building rockets in a mosque. They use Islam and the symbols of Islam to create terror,” Daniel Hagari added, adding that the Zeitoun area is considered Hamas’ stronghold in the south of Gaza City.

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