Argentina: The new president of the country is the far-right Javier Millay


Javier Millay, who has been described as a “volatile far-right liberal” has been elected Argentina’s new president and risks leading South America’s second-largest economy into an unpredictable and potentially turbulent future.

pre-election, Javier Millais promised radical measures in the context of shock treatment, among others the abolition of the central bank, the abandonment of the peso and the dollarization of the economy, and the drastic reduction of public spending, which he declared would go through a “chainsaw” — potentially painful reforms for much of the citizenry.

Nevertheless, it has attracted sections of the population who say they are disillusioned by the deep economic crisis, with the main features being triple-digit inflation (approaching 150%), the continued devaluation of the national currency, the large external debt ($44 billion).

Javier Millay’s far-right agenda

Javier Millay’s victory will transform – beyond Argentina’s political scene – its foreign policy as well, as the next president says he wants nothing to do with “communists”, referring to Brazil and China, while he will seek a closer relationship with the USA.

He has come out strongly against abortion, is in favor of relaxing gun laws, and has called (Argentine) Pope Francis a socialist “son of ****”.

After the first round he secured the support of a part of the “classical” right, which may moderate his political program somewhat.

Reactions to Javier Miley’s win

Abroad, politicians with whom Mr. Millay has ideological affinities congratulated him warmly: “proud of him,” former US President Donald Trump said he was confident he would “transform” Argentina, “give it back its greatness.” . For the former president of Brazil, Jáich Bolsonaro, “hope shines again” in Latin America.

The US government also “congratulated” Javier Millay on his victory, with the Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to applaud the “great participation” and “peaceful conduct” of the process and the national security adviser of the US presidency Jake Sullivan to assure that his government Joe Biden “looks forward” to building a strong relationship with Argentina’s next government, based on “human rights, democratic values ​​and transparency.”

Brazil’s centre-left President Lula – who Javier Millay has branded a “corrupt communist” – wished Argentina’s next government “good luck and good success”, avoiding mentioning his elected counterpart by name.

The social-democratic president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, for his part, preferred to leave the pleasantries aside: “The extreme right won in Argentina (…) Sad for Latin America and we’ll see,” he said.

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