Israel-Hamas war: Joe Biden calls for at least a three-day pause

Israel-Hamas war: Joe Biden calls for at least a three-day pause
Israel-Hamas war: Joe Biden calls for at least a three-day pause

Joe Biden told reporters that he asked Israel for a three-day pause in Gaza, but also for a pause much longer than that for the release of the hostages held by Hamas.

A reporter, in fact, asked Joe Biden if he is “disappointed” with Benjamin Netanyahu. He replied that “it’s taking a little longer than I hoped.”

Biden also said that the United States will be hit again if needed targets linked to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the elite body of the Iranian military, and organizations linked to it, following the US military strike on a building in Syria, and following the spate of attacks against US troops and the anti-jihadist coalition in Syria and Iraq.

The US president also ruled that there is “no chance” of a ceasefire in Gaza. However, when asked if he believed there was any chance of a ceasefire, he said “no, no chance”.

Israel agreed to 4-hour pauses

Israel has agreed to pauses in military operations in the northern Gaza Strip for four hours a day, starting today, Thursday, according to the White House.

The pauses will allow civilians to escape the Gaza Strip through two humanitarian corridors and are an important first stepWhite House National Security Spokesman John Kirby said, referring to Israel’s war with Hamas.

The pauses, which will be announced three hours in advancecame after discussions between Americans and Israelis in recent days, including a conversation Joe Biden had with Benjamin Netanyahu, the White House National Security spokesman added.

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