Derelict Deer Attempts Long Jump World Record: Leaps Over Car (vid)

Derelict Deer Attempts Long Jump World Record: Leaps Over Car (vid)
Derelict Deer Attempts Long Jump World Record: Leaps Over Car (vid)

An incredible incident occurred on a road in a US state, as a deer attempted to jump over two cars.

In almost one cinematic sequence of events, the remarkable display of agility of a deer turned into an unfortunate event for a truck owner, as caught on a home’s surveillance camera. The incident unfolded on a quiet street, where a deer he ambitiously tried to jump over a parked car, only to mistime his jump, resulting in an unintentional collision with a nearby truck.

The unexpected encounter was not only caught on camera, but also witnessed by a potential buyer who had just arrived to consider buying the damaged truck. The potential buyer had seen an ad on social media, talking about a vehicle that was in excellent condition.

The deer appeared to have developed great speed in order to jump over the cars. Of course, as can be seen in the video, he did not calculate correctly, as a result of which he collided with the parked vehicle. The animal’s front hooves managed to go over the edge of the truck, but its hind legs found the vehicle, creating a large dent.

Despite the accident, the deer managed to free itself, and with a quick and seemingly effortless leap, got out of the truck bed and continued on its way to the yard. Remarkably, the deer appeared unscathed, but the same could not be said for the truck, which now had a permanent memento of the encounter.

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