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How Biden commented on Netanyahu’s “emptying” the White House for the four-hour ceasefires


Different and conflicting are the announcements on the part of USA and of Israel on the occasion of four-hour ceasefires which were announced by White House and was instantly denied by Benjamin Netanyahu. In his turn, Taher al Nonopolitical adviser to the leader of Hamas Ismail Haniyastated today that the “negotiations“, which he did not specify, are ongoing and no agreement has yet been reached with Israel.

The executive of the organization did not give any more clarifications in his statement posted on the Hamas channel at Telegram.

Hamas-Egypt talks on hostages

Haniya and other Hamas officials had today talks with Egypt’s intelligence chief on the situation in Gaza. This visit of Haniya to Cairo comes at a time when the Catarrh is negotiating the release of hostages held by Hamas in exchange for a ceasefire of a few days. In this context, Israeli and US intelligence chiefs held talks with Qatari officials in Doha today the possibility of a “humanitarian pause,” said a source with knowledge of the talks.

Egypt had been involved in the earlier talks that led, late last month, to the release of two women kidnapped by Hamas on October 7. Traditionally, the Egyptian intelligence services are the ones who manage negotiations between Palestinian movements or between Israelis and Palestinians.

Netanyahu “emptied” the White House

Benjamin Netanyahu’s office earlier on Thursday rejected a White House statement that Israel had agreed to a daily four-hour ceasefire in northern Gaza starting today.

Earlier, his representative National Security Council of the White House John Kirby said Israel agreed to implement a daily four-hour humanitarian pause in northern Gaza.

“The Israelis told us there won’t be any military businesses in these areas during the pause and that this process starts today”, he emphasized Kirby.

According to Reuters, the pauses arose from discussions between officials of USA and his Israel in the last few days, in which the American president participated among others Joe Biden and the prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

Biden is asking for a pause of at least three days

Joe Biden told reporters that he asked Israel for a three-day pause in Gaza, but also for a pause much longer than that for the release of the hostages held by Hamas.

A reporter, in fact, asked Joe Biden if he is “disappointed” with Benjamin Netanyahu. He replied that “it’s taking a little longer than I hoped.”

What Biden said

US President Joe Biden told reporters today that he has asked three-day pause in Gaza and one pause greater than this in order to free the hostages held by Hamas.

Biden also stated that the United States will strike again if necessary targets linked to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corpsthe elite body of the Iranian military, and organizations linked to it, after the US military hit a building in Syria, and after the wave of attacks against US and coalition forces against jihadists in Syria and Iraq.

The American president also judged that there is no “no chance” of a cease-fire in Gaza. Asked if he believed there was any chance of a ceasefire, the Democratic president, who has so far opposed that version, said: “No, no chance.”

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