Germany: 15-year-old shot and killed his classmate

Germany: 15-year-old shot and killed his classmate
Germany: 15-year-old shot and killed his classmate

A 15-year-old shot and fatally wounded a classmate in the head at a school in Offenburg, Baden-Württemberg.

The injured succumbed a few hours later at the hospital, the Police announced.

Earlier, a major operation by special forces took place at the school.

The approximately 180 students initially remained in the classrooms, but were later taken outside the building, to a special area, where their parents and specialist psychologists were waiting.

He entered the classroom while they were eating and opened fire

According to the police and as reported by Deutsche Welle, the attacker allegedly entered a classroom during lunch, approached his classmate who was sitting inside and opened fire.

The juvenile perpetrator was stopped by an eyewitness and then arrested.

“The perpetrator and the victim apparently knew each other and the motive was personal,” a police spokesman told Southwest German Radio SWR.

Gunmen at school in Hamburg

The Hamburg police announced the arrest of four minors during the investigation of a complaint about two armed men breaking into a Hamburg school. Fake pistols were found in the possession of the minors.

The police in Blankenesee, east of Hamburg, were alerted at midday on Wednesday that two youths, at least one of whom was armed, had threatened a teacher at a school in the area.

A large-scale operation was carried out at the scene, with SEK special forces investigating the school complex and proceeding with its gradual evacuation of the students. Dozens of police officers participated in the operation, while searches were also conducted from the air, with police helicopters. The students leaving the school were taken to a camp in the area where their parents, doctors, rescuers and psychologists had gathered.

There were no reports of injuries, but several children had previously called their families in shock as they were locked in their classrooms.

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