War in Israel: Islamic Jihad releases hostage videos

War in Israel: Islamic Jihad releases hostage videos
War in Israel: Islamic Jihad releases hostage videos

The armed wing of Islamic Jihad has released videos of two of the hostages Hamas took from Israel when the war broke out.

She is about 70-year-old Hana Katsir, who was kidnapped from the Nir Oz kibbutz on October 7, when Hamas launched its attack on Israel, killing more than 1,400 people and taking about 240 hostages. In the same video, a minor abducted by the same community also appears.

In the video, Hana Katsir says she misses her children, “Hope to see you next week“, she says, sitting in a wheelchair. Both she and the minor say they are treated well and criticize Benjamin Netanyahu, according to international media. It is not clear if they are reading any text in the video or if it was filmed with the threat of violence.

The Islamic Jihad group said it was ready to release the two hostages on humanitarian and medical grounds once “appropriate measures” have been takenwithout giving further details.

This is the third hostage video released by armed groups in the Gaza Strip. So far, since the war between Israel and Hamas broke out, four hostages have been freed. Islamic Jihad has announced that it is holding at least 30 of the hostages taken by Hamas from Israel.

Israel on the hostage videos: Psychological terrorism

This is a sign of life and it is importantIsraeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari said when asked about the video.

But he refused to comment on the possible release of the two hostages, accusing the kidnappers of they use “psychological terrorism”.

“When we have real information, we will inform the families,” Hagari stressed and added: “We have not lost, nor are we going to lose, any opportunity regarding the return of the hostages.”

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