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Gaza: Clashes near Al Shifa – Closer to Hamas HQ

Gaza: Clashes near Al Shifa – Closer to Hamas HQ
Gaza: Clashes near Al Shifa – Closer to Hamas HQ

Israelis close in on al-Shifa hospital, Hamas headquarters – ‘We will reach more and more Hamas strongholds,’ IDF spokesman says

the Israeli cordon around the is disappearing more and more Al Shifa Hospital in the center of the urban fabric of the Gaza Strip, where Tel Aviv estimates that the headquarters of Hamas is located.

According to information coming from the front of the clashes, the fighting in the streets of the city is going hand-to-hand between the special forces of the Israeli army and the gunmen of Hamas. According to sources by the IDFIsraeli forces have “narrowed” the perimeter around Al Shifa Hospital.

Here’s a map of Gaza City released by the IDF showing positions of gunmen, civilian locations, Hamas bases and tunnel entrances:

IDF sources say that clashes with Hamas gunmen are taking place in every corner of the city, in every building, while the “mother of the battles” will take place in Al Shifa hospital, where the situation is quite complicated, both because of the civilians it uses as a shield for Hamas, as well as because of the labyrinthine network of tunnels that lie beneath the hospital and extend to all widths and lengths in Gaza Strip.

The information available to the Israelis is that the head of the Hamas military wing, Yahya Shinua, has taken refuge in the organization’s headquarters, deep under Al Shifa Hospital. The Israelis’ goal is to neutralize the armed groups in the building complex, clear the area of ​​”death traps” and free the hostages, while neutralizing the leader and his staff.

However, it is not certain that the Hamas leadership group remains in the basements under Al Shifa Hospital, as the network of tunnels under Gaza’s soil is vast and offers multiple escape options.

Hagari: “We will reach more and more Hamas strongholds”

IDF spokesman Vice Admiral Daniel Hagari said on Thursday that Israel would continue to deepen its ground operations in Gaza City. “We will reach more and more Hamas strongholds,” he pointed out.

Referring to Hamas’s claims of dozens of IDF armored vehicles being disabled, Haggari said 90 percent of the vehicles are in service in the field, being repaired on site or returned to Israel if they show more damage.


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