Homer to Netanyahu: “If something happens to me or the other hostages, shame on you”


Another devastating video has been released about Benjamin Netanyahu with two hostages who had been told they would be released unleashing scathing “accusations” against the Israeli prime minister. While Gaza is being flattened, Islamic Jihad manages another communication blow to M. Netanyahu after the interview of the hostage grandmother released by Hamas.

Hana Katsir the oldest hostage started by sending her love to her relatives. He said that the Islamic Jihad hostages are all in good health.

(Netanyahu) “He made serious mistakes that caused damage to our society, but also to another society”

She put the full responsibility for her suffering on Benjamin – Bibi – Netanyahu. She says that she makes many mistakes and is solely responsible for what the Israeli society and other societies are going through. He told him it was time to go home and that the Islamic Jihad fighters had been good to them in matters of food, sleep and health.

Netanyahu “destroyed everything, targeted people and tortured them. This is the reason behind killing the children.

Fire at Netanyahu from the elderly hostage

Hanna Katsir continued, “I believe that Netanyahu is responsible for all the trouble and turmoil in the world. It is time for Netanyahu to leave the government.”

He closed by saying, “I demand from the Israeli government that you communicate a clear agreement so that we can return to our families quickly and safely.”

Strong criticism from the elderly hostage against Benjamin Netanyahu.

But the 13-year-old also put all the blame for his terrifying experience on Netanyahu

13-year-old Yagil Jacob started by saying that he misses his family and friends. He thanked all those fighting in Tel Aviv, pressuring the government, so that the hostages could return home safely.

The 13-year-old also came out very aggressively against Netanyahu.

The little boy said he wants to address Netanyahu personally, telling him that his plan is not going to work.

How the bombings are “terrifying and kill children from Palestine and hostages from Israel”.

He went on to say that it is his fault that he has not restored the water supply, electricity and medicine that the hostages need.

He stood out especially for the explosions and the heavy bombardment.

He thanked viewers in Israel, telling them he hoped to return as soon as possible. He finally thanked the “Jihadists” meaning the fighters of Islamic Jihad, who keep him from dying and give him water, food and medicine.

He again personally addressed Netanyahu, saying “if anything happens to me or the other hostages, shame on you, because the Jihad fighters are working hard to protect us and keep us alive.”

Overall in such cases, hostages and captured combatants should be treated with caution either at the mercy of the Stockholm Syndrome, or as possibly being blackmailed, pressured or threatened. Of course, directed or not, their words have a huge impact on public opinion.

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