Gaza: Bra de fer Biden-Netanyahu on ceasefire


A cloudy scene is taking shape regarding the ceasefire in Gauzeas converging information leads to the conclusion that a diplomatic marathon is developing with many parameters and a series of protagonists.

The main stake of the negotiations was the cease fire and the release of hostages.

On Thursday afternoon, Mr representative of the United States National Security Council, John Kirby, stated that the Israel agreed to implement “4 hour breaks in northern areas Gaza every day”. Immediately after, Mr Israeli army, in a statementemphasized that there will be no ceasefire in Gaza, noting that they are taking place “regular, local pauses for humanitarian aid to civilians».

In his post earlier, the IDF stated that “these regular pauses are limited in time and area” and did not clarify what the locations or time frame of the pauses would be.

It is noted that the Israeli army communicates with people in Gaza, using sms messages and flyers in specific areas, as well as phone calls to individuals.

On Thursday afternoon, US President Joe Biden – speaking to reporters – increased his pressure on Israel, revealing that he asked three-day ceasefire at Gauze as well as an even longer pause in order to release the hostages held by the Hamas.

“There will be no ceasefire”

At the same time, the office of the Israeli Prime Minister proceeded with the following announcement: “The fighting continues and there will be no ceasefire without her release of our hostages. Israel is allowing safe passageways from the north of the Gaza Strip to the south, as 50,000 Gazans did just yesterday. We once again call on the civilian population in Gaza to evacuate to the south.”

At the same time, the far-right Israeli Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvirstated that the announcement that Israel agreed to 4 hour humanitarian breaks in Gaza “is a particularly serious mistake”. “We must continue the fighting” while maintaining “the humanitarian corridor for the people of Gaza to move south”, he stressed and added that the war cabinet “does not have the mandate to allow pauses without the return of all hostages”, adding that he will demand that such decisions be referred to the political security bureau for discussion.

Hamas: No deal…

Early Thursday night, Hamas official, Taher Al-Nono, noted that unspecified negotiations are continuing and that there is no agreement with Israel so far. The political adviser to the leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyehdid not elaborate in a statement posted on his Telegram account.

It is recalled that earlier senior Hamas officials arrived in Cairo, Egypt, including Haniyeh and the former leader, Khalid Messal.

The Hamas delegation met with the head of Egypt’s General Intelligence Service, Abbas Kamel.

Tripartite meeting in Qatar

On the same day, a tripartite meeting was held in Doha between its leaders C.I.A and her Mossad and his Prime Minister of Qatar. The parameters of an agreement for her were put on the table release of hostages and humanitarian pause in Gazaa source briefed on the meeting told Reuters.

THE David Barneahead of the Mossad, the director of the CIA William Burns and the Prime Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Muhammad Bin Abdulrahman al-Thani held the meeting after Qatari mediators met with officials from the Hamas political office on Wednesday night and discussed possible parameters of a deal.

The advantage of the meeting was to bring all three parties together at a table in real time to speed up the process. The talks also included discussion of the permitted import of fuel in Gaza. Reuters stressed that the outcome of the talks was unclear.

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Netanyahu had rejected the proposal

In a parallel development and according to sources familiar with the negotiations, it became known that the Benjamin Netanyahu had rejected a deal proposal for five-day ceasefire at Gauzein exchange for release of some of the hostages held by the Hamas.

Sources cited by the British Guardian reported that the Israeli prime minister rejected the deal on initial negotiations after the start of the Israeli army offensive in Gaza. Negotiations resumed after start of the ground attack at October 27but the Israeli prime minister continued to take a hard line on proposals involving a ceasefire in exchange for the release of a number of hostages.

Other sources said that the negotiations that took place before the ground invasion were about much larger number of hostageswith Hamas proposing the release of dozens of foreign nationals held captive in Gaza.

It is estimated that 240 people are detained hostages.

Public anger and demands for Israel to prioritize hostage negotiations have grown, with families of those held in Gaza protesting outside Netanyahu’s residence.

Heavy fighting in the heart of Gaza

Information: Guardian, Reuters

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