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Show video of Hamas attack


The actress caused episodes Gal Gadot on Wednesday night in Los Angeles during pro-Israel rally.

This is because the famous actress showed a video of her attack by Hamaswhich would later be shown in a museum in Los Angeles with the footage causing backlash and threats from pro-Palestinians who they were reacting to both his post and the content of him as well as for the fact that the actress did not say a word about her losses Palestine.

The situation derailed and they caught handswith punches and kicks dominating shortly after, in main street of the city.

THE police intervened and made arrests, however the images made the rounds of the US media.

The mayor, Karen Bass, wrote on social media that “we cannot allow a global tension to develop into unacceptable scenes of violence in our city».

The video, as reported by the New York Post, had been shown earlier and they had started threats on social media between pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinianwith the former trying to defend it.

The article is in Greek

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