They attacked a Greek school and church with stones, because of Israel


In Constantinoplethe church her Panagia Mouchliotissaalso known as the “Bloody Church” and the Great Of Gender Leisure in the Traffic light (near the Patriarchate House) allegedly, according to Turkish reports, received attack with stoneswhile on the walls were written slogans “Down with Israel” and “U Jerusalem is capital city her Palestine». contacted its director Great of Genus School, Mr. Cerium Animalwho does not confirm the existence passwords to the walls of school at this time.

Two weeks ago, however, a group of people passing by school stuck to the door of one paperwhich contained slogans against him Israel.

As the intensity of the conflict between Israel and Palestine is increasing day by day, minorities in Turkey are being targeted.

After the protests on the first day of the clashes, security measures were taken in front of many synagogues, especially in Istanbul, and the Jewish Community of Turkey briefly canceled its events. However, last week there was a racist attack against the Etz Hayim Synagogue in Smyrna.

Now, buildings of the Greek community also became the target of attacks. Racist graffiti was written on the walls of the church of Panagia, and on an abandoned building, a former Greek primary school. It was also reported that stones were thrown at the buildings.

A lawsuit was filed

After the attack, Mr priest her church filed a complaint with his police station Balat. According to eyewitnesses, a group of 3-4 people wearing turbans wrote on the walls and threw stones.

Declaration of the Greek institution

Her Foundation of the Greek Orthodox Church Panagias expressed his sadness after the attack by making a statement to Turkish media and journalist Melike Capan, he said: “This attack happened in a place of worship and a school, but it also happened to our people who live there. Our police officers they helped a lot. We hope such incidents will not happen again.”

Her perpetrators attack in the church and school have not yet been found.

The article is in Greek

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