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Will Haniya secretly meet with Erdogan? McGregor: Israel Deeply Controls US Fate in Mediterranean (Video)

Will Haniya secretly meet with Erdogan? McGregor: Israel Deeply Controls US Fate in Mediterranean (Video)
Will Haniya secretly meet with Erdogan? McGregor: Israel Deeply Controls US Fate in Mediterranean (Video)

R. Kennedy: If Israel disappears then Russia, China and BRICS+ countries will control 90% of the world’s oil

Information from Jonathan Schanzer, a researcher and expert at the American institute FDD, reports that the leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, is now back in Turkey after first traveling to Iran.

Although the Turkish presidency proceeded to deny Palestinian sources about an upcoming meeting of a Hamas delegation led by Ismail Haniya, the picture is that whatever is done will be done secretly by Erdogan.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and the Palestinian announcement was no accident at all, while we don’t believe a word from Erdogan’s press office, which is moving in the dark behind Gaza, waiting for half a chance to send troops there.

But the American expert asks that since Iran, Qatar and Turkey are the 3 main country sponsors of Hamas terrorist operations around the world, why aren’t Qatar and Turkey named as state sponsors of terrorism by the US State Department?

Really apt question from the American expert, which of course will not be answered, due to the scandalous and continuous “silence of the lambs”, from the USA.

Turkey sponsors and promotes both the Jihadists and Hamas in every way, and not a single word has been heard from the lips of any American Government Official about this.

The only US official who opposed this disgraceful stance was Senator Bob Menendez, who coincidentally was indicted for bribery and will stand trial, leaving his position as chairman of the powerful defense committee.

If the news is verified about Haniya’s presence in Turkey again, will we see sanctions on the Erdogan regime, or will the US State Department pretend to see nothing?

McGregor: Israel deeply controls US fate in Mediterranean

The well-known retired Colonel MacGregor, who believes that Netanyahu has the upper hand even in the American government regarding what is happening in Gaza, was aggressive again, seriously involving the American forces.

“It doesn’t matter what Blinken says. Israeli influence is very great. Mr. Netanyahu is in control. He not only controls his own destiny, but controls the destiny of American national power and prestige in the region,” he said.

R. Kennedy took the baton, talking about the importance of Israel for the USA

“Israel is a stronghold for us… It’s almost like having an aircraft carrier in the Middle East. This is our oldest ally. If Israel disappears, Russia, China and the BRICS+ countries will control 90% of the world’s oil, and that will be a disaster for the US,” he concluded.

US military power in the Eastern Mediterranean is, if not enormous, at least overwhelming, and that tells us a lot about what the Americans intend to do in the Middle East.

It is estimated that a percentage of the order of 60% will be displaced from Gaza and the West Bank possibly, in order to keep Israel quiet for 30-40 years.

These thousands of Palestinians will wander and eventually end up in EU and US, causing more problems.

Among Israel’s main targets, however, is Iran, and for this reason we will probably see rapid developments against Tehran, which the entire Israeli leadership considers to be the most dangerous enemy in the region.

The article is in Greek

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