Michelle Obama for president of the USA? Biden is falling in the polls, the Democrats are looking

Michelle Obama for president of the USA? Biden is falling in the polls, the Democrats are looking
Michelle Obama for president of the USA? Biden is falling in the polls, the Democrats are looking

Joe Biden has his back against the wall in the latest polls ahead of the US presidential election, a development that has fueled deep concern in the Democratic camp and brings back to the table a name that comes to the fore whenever there is panic in the governing party: that of Michelle Obama .

The latest wave of panic began Sunday when a Siena Institute poll conducted on behalf of the New York Times showed Biden, 80, trailing his likely Republican rival, Donald Trump, in five of six key states a year ago. the presidential elections in the USA: 11% back in Nevada, 6% in Georgia, 5% in Arizona and Michigan and 4% in Pennsylvania, States where Biden had won in the previous election.

Obama strategist calls for ‘urgent change’

Based on these numbers and the White House occupant’s popularity hovering at 39%, the opposing camp took the opportunity to write him off, with Fox News commentator Lisa Kennedy declaring: “Biden is done. Trump can easily win!” Also, former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, responding to a series of theories about Biden being removed from office, commented on Platform X on Monday: “Don’t be surprised. But I still say it will be Michelle Obama in the 2024 election. Biden is going.”

Former US first lady Michelle Obama / File photo: AP Photo

In the White House, however, they do not seem to be deterred by the negative polls, as there is a year left before the election battle of November 5, 2024, and Biden has enough time in front of him to change the facts.

But a key Democratic strategist, David Axelrod, called for “urgent change.” Biden will have to decide whether it is “really wise” to stick with his candidacy, which is overshadowed by debates about his age “whether and to what extent it is in his own interest or in the interest of the country,” he said.

And Axelrod is no coincidence, since he is considered the architect of the historic election of the first black president in the history of the USA, Barack Obama, while he was a top advisor in the Oval Office.

USA: Biden lost to Trump, the first polls show, a year before the election

US presidential election: The White House is not deterred by ominous polls for Biden

His intervention sparked a flurry of rumors, with Republican Sen. Ted Cruz adding to speculation that Axelrod wants to pave the way for former US first lady Michelle Obama’s candidacy.

“Michelle Obama would have the best chance of winning the election”

Some Democrats hope that 59-year-old Michelle Obama could save the day and keep the party in control of the White House. The fact that Barack Obama himself recently distanced himself from Biden and his unequivocal support for Israel with an article has triggered the sharpening of knives within the party.

Already last spring, “The Hill” had decided that the best chances for victory in the 2024 elections from the Democratic camp are gathered by Michelle Obama. Polls have shown he could win 48 percent to Biden’s 36 percent in the primary if he decides to run for the party’s nomination. Although there is no polling data on what would happen in the event of a showdown between Michelle Obama and Trump, the former first lady of the USA is said to have a very high chance of victory.

The problem, however, is that Michelle Obama insists she has no ambitions for a career in politics and a return to the White House, this time as president.

And so Biden remains – at least for now – the only hope of progressives in America to keep the White House under their control.

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