Canada: Baby born almost 7 kg – Parents overjoyed

Canada: Baby born almost 7 kg – Parents overjoyed
Canada: Baby born almost 7 kg – Parents overjoyed

The heaviest baby in the last 13 years in a Canadian hospital was born around the end of October.

This particular baby weighed almost twice as much as the average newborn. On Oct. 23, Britteney Ayres gave birth to her fifth child, a boy named Sonny, by C-section, Good Morning America reports. But she and her husband Chance couldn’t hide their joy when they found out he weighed almost 7kg.

Sonny’s birth weight was a record for Cambridge Memorial Hospital in Ontario. However, as he mentioned, the baby’s mother and her other children were born with a heavy weight.

The family doctor, Dr. Asa Ahimbisibwe, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Cambridge Memorial Hospital, told GMA, that Sonny was the oldest baby born at the hospital since 2010“We knew this baby would be big too, but we didn’t expect it to be this big,” she said characteristically since her other children were of sufficient birth weight. She added that as soon as Sonny was born, those in the doctors’ and nurses’ room cheered.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average size of a boy at birth it is between 3.175 and 4 kg. The Guinness Book of World Records lists as the heaviest newborn on record a baby back in 1879 who weighed almost 10 kilograms, but who nevertheless died 11 hours after birth.

After the birth of their baby, Sonny’s parents posted that it would be their last child. “Everybody was taking bets on how big he was going to get, even the doctors and nurses,” the father told Fox News Digital. Father joking added that their baby will not need clothes for newborns and is already wearing clothes for 6-month-old babies.

Britteney confirmed that both her pregnancy and Sonny’s birth were uneventful.

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