Aksener: The Palestinians should remain in Gaza – Reference to Thrace

Aksener: The Palestinians should remain in Gaza – Reference to Thrace
Aksener: The Palestinians should remain in Gaza – Reference to Thrace

At Thrace and the Lausanne Treaty was mentioned by the president of the Good Party (IYI) of Turkey, Meral Aksenerfighting against the removal of Palestinians from Gauze.

Speaking to her party’s MPs, Meral Aksener asked the Turkish government not to become a pawn in the US plan to evacuate Gaza from its civilian population.

“They are said to have visited various countries in the region and significant steps have been taken to remove civilians from Gaza,” he noted. “It is not the innocent Palestinians who must leave Gaza, but the murderer himself Netanyahu“, he added.

“If you don’t want to betray the Palestinian cause,” he continued, “if you are serious about your proposal for a two-state solution, if you are serious about the idea of ​​being a guarantor country, then you will not allow the Palestinian people, who are being bombed here and days, to be uprooted from his homes and homeland”, she stressed addressing the government.

“Don’t become a toy in their hands USA who plan to remove civilians, do not leave our country again, which you have turned into a fugitive warehouse, facing a new wave of refugees,” he said.

The example of Thrace

He then conducted a historical review of Treaty of Lausanne, stating: “You know what the most important thing about the Treaty of Lausanne was? The most important issue was not to send the Turks from Iraq, Syria and Western Thrace to Anatolia. They sat down at that table to send all the populations that were supposed to be interchangeable, that is, all the Turks living in Greece, including Western Thrace, to Anatolia. But I am referring to the perception of those days of 1923-24, I am referring to a Turkey that had been flattened… But at that table they resisted. I too am a child of a family of exchanged refugees. We were sent from Drama and came to Turkey. But the Turks of Western Thrace stayed there. Because if this population had returned from there, the relations between Turkey and Greece would not be the way they are today».

The president of the Good Party commented that the Turkish state has never given up from the day of its foundation until today, no matter which government came to power, two things: “One was to prevent the Turkomans of Iraq from coming en masse to Turkey, to let the Turkomans stay in Syria and keep the Turkish population in Western Thrace there.”

Finally, Ms. Aksener blamed the government Erdogan that he does not follow this policy and appoints ambassadors on party lines those he does not succeed in electing as MPs, setting aside the executive staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is the bearer of the collective memory of the Turkish state.

Meral Aksener further commented that “the West focuses on the terrorist acts of Hamas and ignores its terrorism Netanyahuwhile the East focuses on Netanyahu’s terrorism and ignores it Hamaswhich slaughters civilians and gives Netanyahu a blank check.”

As he said, Turkey cannot be forced to choose between these “hypocrisies of the West and the East”. Turkey should only be on the side of conscience, law and justice, which the world seems to have forgotten,” he said, stressing: “In order to build lasting peace, Turkey it should support those who fight for peace and not those who feed on hatred.”

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