Hamburg: 4 minors were arrested for the armed invasion of a school


Four minors were arrested tonight (8.11.2023) in Hamburg, after the alarm was raised in the area about the invasion of armed men in a school in the Blankenesee area, with the authorities announcing that fake pistols were found in their possession.

The police of Blankenesee, east of Hamburg, was notified earlier this afternoon that two youths, of which at least one was armed, threatened a teacher at a local school. A strong police force arrived at the scene.

In more detail, a large-scale operation was carried out, with the SEK special forces investigating the school complex and proceeding with its gradual evacuation of the students. Dozens of police officers participated in the operation, while searches were also conducted from the air, with police helicopters.

The students leaving the school were taken to a camp in the area where their parents, doctors, rescuers and psychologists had gathered.

There were no reports of injuries, but several children had previously called their families in shock as they were locked in their classrooms.

A short time later, the police announced that the school was safe and continued to search the wider area. A large part of the road network in the region was blocked, while many train routes were also interrupted. A total of 400 police officers participated in the operation, BILD newspaper reported.

As finally announced, four minors were arrested, two 12 year olds, a 13 year old and a 14 year old and fake pistols were confiscated. According to the police, for breaking into the school the one 12-year-old and the 13-year-old are controlled.

With information from APE – BEE / Photos: Reuters

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