Turkey: The opposition talks about a coup attempt against the parliament

Turkey: The opposition talks about a coup attempt against the parliament
Turkey: The opposition talks about a coup attempt against the parliament

The opposition in Turkey is talking about a coup attempt against the Turkish parliament, the Constitution and the judiciary. The new president of the Republican People’s Party warns: “We will resist in the streets, in the squares.”

As broadcast from Istanbul by Manolis Kostidisthe opposition reaction came because the Court of Appeal does not recognize a decision of the Constitutional Court regarding the release of an elected member of parliament and is bringing criminal proceedings against members of the supreme court who had requested the release of the newly elected member of parliament Can Atalai.

As reported by Özgür Ozel, president of the Republican People’s Party, he said: “The decision is an attempted coup against the Parliament. It is an attempted coup against the Constitution, just as it is an attempted coup against the Constitutional Court. We will resist in the streets, we will resist in the squares and we will not surrender to this lawlessness. Our struggle begins today and will continue. We will not surrender to the regime of one man, nor to his allies, nor to those who attempt a coup against the Constitution. Thank you”.

Ankara is against Brussels

Ankara is turning against the EU after the Commission’s report and speaks of a biased approach by rejecting all allegations.

“The report on the Aegean, Eastern Mediterranean reflects the illegal, maximalist positions of the Greeks” is stated in the announcement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“The continued unfair and biased approach of the EU towards our country is worrying for the future of our continent, which faces many threats. We completely reject the baseless allegations and unjustified criticisms contained in the report, especially the sections dealing with political criteria and the judicial system as well as fundamental rights.

We appreciate the fact that our country’s position on the Hamas-Israel war is completely incompatible with the EU as a criticism.

As always, the report on the Eastern Mediterranean, the Aegean and Cyprus reflects the illegal, unrealistic and maximalist positions of the Greek/Cypriots, while at the same time ignoring the fair policies of our country and the TRNC, ignoring the rights of the Turkish Cypriots, a fact that demonstrates once again in the eyes of the whole world the discriminatory and unfair attitude followed by the EU under the guise of solidarity” the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states.

THE Commission report notes that “Turkey is on the path of democratic regression”, while Turkey is called upon not to violate the sovereign rights of EU member states.

The report states: “There are serious deficiencies in the functioning of Turkey’s democratic institutions. The structural shortcomings of the presidential system remained in place. The EU’s serious concerns about the continued deterioration of democratic standards, the rule of law, the independence of the judiciary and respect for fundamental rights were not addressed. Pursuing dialogue in good faith and refraining from unilateral moves that run counter to EU interests and violate international law and the sovereign rights of EU member states is a necessary condition for ensuring a stable and secure environment in the Eastern Mediterranean and developing a mutually beneficial cooperation relationship between the EU and Turkey”.

Aksener: “I am a child of exchanged refugees from Drama”

“Turkey’s policy has always been to maintain the Turkish population in Western Thrace”

Meral Aksener said: “I am a child of a family of exchanged refugees, we were expelled from Drama and came to Turkey, but the Turks of ‘Western Thrace’ stayed there. If this population had returned from there, our relations with Greece would be in a completely different situation today. From the day this state was founded until today, whichever government came to power, it has never given up two things: One is to prevent the entry of huge groups of Iraqi Turkmen into Turkey, to keep Turkmen in Syria, and [το άλλο] to keep the Turkish population there, in ‘Western Thrace’. If you take these people out of Palestine, out of Gaza, you won’t be able to put them back there again. That would be a great folly.”

Erdoğan’s handshake on the four legs of the Slovenian ambassador is a big issue in Turkey.

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