King Charles in the House of Lords

King Charles in the House of Lords
King Charles in the House of Lords

First speech after his enthronement, emotion and Elizabeth’s diamond crown on the head of the head of the royal wife

King Charles in the House of Lords

With the traditional “King’s Speech”, the historic opening ceremony of the new parliamentary term in Britain took place at noon on Tuesday in Westminster. There, in all honors King Charles, accompanied by the royal consort Camilla and charged with reading the “King’s Speech”.

This was just a summary of the legislation the government intends to push through parliament, however, the proceedings were anything but boring as Charles went on to make special mention of his mother Elizabeth’s 70 years of “service and devotion”.

In this speech, Charles referred to the extension of life sentences to include any crime involving sexual or sadistic violence, as well as to bills relating to lettings and smoking in England and Wales.

Charles and Camila they were driven to Westminster Abbey by carriage Diamond Jubilee State Coach, while for the occasion Charles appeared in his uniform Admiral of the Fleet Royal Naval Number 1 with a sword. And the royal wife Camilla chose for the first time in her public appearance the diamond crown of Elizabeth and a creation with his signature Bruce Oldfield.

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