Douglas McGregor: ‘Turkish soldiers will eventually fight in Gaza’ as Erdogan’s minion calls for armed Jihad against US

Douglas McGregor: ‘Turkish soldiers will eventually fight in Gaza’ as Erdogan’s minion calls for armed Jihad against US
Douglas McGregor: ‘Turkish soldiers will eventually fight in Gaza’ as Erdogan’s minion calls for armed Jihad against US

Russian expert’s warning about Sultan Erdogan and his ulterior plans due to Gaza-He considers himself heirs of Byzantium Russia-Turkey

The entire Turkish propaganda machine is preparing to clash with the US and the West in general, with the aim of projecting the Erdogan regime in the Islamic world.

Bulent Yildirim, the Turkish intelligence official who coordinated the march to the US Incirlik Air Base, where US Air Force personnel are stationed, said the time for armed jihad would soon come, before asking the crowd to leave the area immediately after the chaos of scheduled events.

Turkey’s top religious leader Imam Ali Erbas, who controls about 80,000 mosques in Turkey and abroad, held an Islamic prayer yesterday in which he called for victory for Hamas in Gaza against Israel.

The entire Turkish establishment is geared to move powerfully through Gaza, making Turkey an independent decision-making center.

Douglas McGregor: “Turkish soldiers will eventually fight in Gaza”

At the same time, Trump’s former American adviser and contributor to The American Conservative, retired Colonel Douglas McGregor, sounds the alarm about Turkey’s attitude:

“Turkish soldiers will eventually fight in Gaza. Erdogan is sensitive to the timing of action and is mobilizing the country. This will happen, it’s a mistake to underestimate him.

The Turkish president is perhaps the only person in the Middle East with the ability to strike Israel. Pay attention!”, he said himself.

This is a clear warning from an expert who reads Ankara’s intentions behind statements and demonstrations ( Incirlik).

Russian expert’s warning about Sultan Erdogan and his ulterior plans due to Gaza

The Russian expert of the Ria Novosti news agency, Petr Akopov, gives us the main impression of Turkey’s intentions by talking not about pan-Turkism ambitions, but about the revival of the Ottoman Empire, something that even Moscow will not accept in the end because of its interests that go back 300 years .

“It is not surprising that the Muslim Erdogan criticizes the West for supporting Israel and ignoring the bombing of Gaza, but it is significant that the leader of a NATO country is warning Israel that it will lose, even though it has the whole West behind it .

Erdogan denounces Western indifference to the killing of Palestinians, explaining it with the history of the West, namely colonialism and the idea of ​​its own superiority.

He calls Israel’s attacks on Gaza “a sign of homicidal tendencies and mental disturbance in both those who carry them out and those who support them,” calling the West a “murderer.”

Russia’s and Turkey’s positions on the Palestinian issue have been close in the past, but now it brings us closer not only to a common assessment of what is happening, but what our attitude is to the West.

Yes, Erdogan is not going to leave NATO or break with the United States, but his relationship with both Europe and America has steadily deteriorated throughout his years in power.

Even the Ukrainian conflict did not help to improve them, although Erdogan condemned Russia, generally refused to participate in Western sanctions, developing relations with Moscow in various areas.

What is happening now in the Gaza Strip brings our countries even closer, because both Russia and Turkey want not only to stop the carnage, but also to persistently remind us of the need to start solving the Palestinian issue.

Erdogan is currently a skilled balancer between the major power centers, and thanks to this, he has been able to significantly increase his country’s influence in the world and strengthen its dominance.

But now Turkey is again becoming an independent center, which must decide with whom it will follow its path: with the West or with the East, with the Atlanticists or with Eurasia?

This does not mean that Turkey should become part of the West or join Russia and China, Ankara does not want that, because it aspires to much more.

But in critical moments, like now, when there is a strong disengagement, Turkey needs to take a clear position, and judging by Erdogan’s statements, it is doing so.

Because Turkey’s main aspiration is not pan-Turkism, but Neo-Ottomanism, i.e. the imperial legacy of previous centuries when the Sultan-Caliph ruled the Arab world.

Claims for leadership in the Islamic world as a whole derive directly from the Ottoman legacy, and this is already a stake of the Turkish elite.

The Muslim ummah of nearly two billion people is divided among several dozen countries, and both Saudi Arabia and Iran claim to be its leader.

But Turkey is the heir of the last caliphate, that is, the last successful venture of Islamic unity.

During the hundred years that the Muslims lost even the remnants of their unity, i.e. their empire, they became puppets and victims of the experiments of the West, which always wanted to divide both the Arab and Islamic worlds.

The enterprise of creating Israel was only part of this game, in which even its creators, the Anglo-Saxons, were disappointed at one point, but could no longer give up.

As a result, the West (of which Israel is a part), over a century of dominance in the post-Ottoman Middle East, has brought everything to a stalemate and bloodshed and doesn’t know what to do about it.

If Erdogan succeeds in becoming the main peacemaker in the situation around the Gaza Strip, this will further strengthen his country’s influence both in the Islamic world and on the world stage.

The Turkish president has already said he does not shirk responsibility, saying “we are ready to be the guarantor of the Palestinian side with our political and military presence,” while calling on the West to “abandon the concept of the cross and the crescent moon” and to ” put pressure on the Netanyahu government to bring Israel back to order. All sides must “take their finger off the trigger” and a ceasefire must be declared immediately,” said the Turkish president.

Will the West listen to him? If not, then in the not so distant future many will remember his warning: “When the forces on which Israel relies today disappear, the first place the Israeli people will look for safety and mercy will be Turkey, just as it has been 500 years ago.”

However, real culture-states, especially the heirs of the Roman Empire (and Turkey, like Russia, is also, in its own way, the heir of Byzantium) and have a real sense of history, and this responsibility belongs to to their people”, concludes the Russian expert.

However, the historical heritage of Byzantium belongs entirely to Greece, no matter how much they all try to erase it, and they forget or artificially ignore this, considering Hellenism to be always present, explaining much of their timeless attitude towards the Greeks.

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