Gaza: A matter of hours for the Israeli ground operation to move into a new phase: IDF hit a Hamas outpost


Israeli warplanes on Monday night struck an outpost of about 10 Hamas members – Troops also identified Hamas fighters who had taken refuge in a building near Al Quds Hospital – Opened for 4 hours pass for civilians to head south.

The noose for Hamas is suffocating as the Israeli army took control of yet another Hamas military stronghold in the northern Gaza Strip, the IDF announced in which was inside about 10 members of Hamas. The same time, a humanitarian corridor with the Israeli army will remain open today for 4 hours to address appeal to Gazans to head south.

According to what the SKAI envoy in Israel broadcasts, Stavros Ioannidis, it is now a matter of hours before the land operation moves into a new phase that is, to businesses with the intention of destroying them headquarters located under hospitals or mosques. Israeli forces are pushing deeper and deeper into Gazaencircling from every direction the city while likely to be even just a few hundred meters from Al-Shifa hospital where according to the IDF the underground headquarters of Hamas is located.

yesterday, monday, “IDF troops secured a military stronghold belonging to the terrorist organization Hamas in the northern Gaza Strip. Anti-tank missiles and launchers, weapons and various intelligence materials were located in the compound by the troops,” they announced. “In coordination with soldiers on the ground, an IDF fighter jet struck a cell of about 10 terrorists. Following this, IDF ground troops spotted an anti-tank missile unit operating near them. Troops directed an IDF aircraft to hit the terrorist cell. Dozens of Hamas mortars were also hit overnight.” the statement said.

Furthermore, “IDF naval forces hit strategic targets belonging to the terrorist organization Hamas with precision munitionsincluding posts that contained technological media’.

Troops also identified Hamas fighters who had taken refuge in a building near Al-Ghods Hospital in Gaza City’s Shejaiya neighborhood and who according to the military were planning an attack on Israeli ground forces. An air strike was directed at the site, which led to “significant secondary eruptions” indicating the presence of a weapons cache, the military says.

Strikes in Lebanon as well

At the same time, the representative of the Israeli military forces, Daniel Hagari stated that IDF troops struck again in Lebanon in response to an attack.

“Not long ago, an IDF tank attacked a group of terrorists on Lebanese soil who attempted to fire an anti-tank missile into Israeli territory near the Shatula area. Also, earlier today IDF forces attacked a position of the terrorist organization Hezbollah in order to remove a threat”.

Humanitarian corridor reopened

At the same time, it opened again today Tuesday humanitarian corridor, with the IDF asking Gazans to head south. The crossing will take place from 10:00-14:00. “The IDF will again allow crossing on Salah al-Din street between 10:00 -14:00. For your safety, take this opportunity to move south beyond Wadi Gaza,” they said.

Hundreds of citizens flock to the pass to head south.

60% of hospitals are out of order

Earlier today, the Palestinian Red Crescent reported that two Israeli rockets hit an area about 50 meters from al-Quds Hospital in Gaza City overnight. Earlier, he had issued an urgent appeal to international aid agencies, saying the hospital would run out of fuel within 48 hours, meaning “life-saving equipment, neonatal incubators and intensive care units will cease to function”.

According to Palestinian Authority Health Minister Mai al-Qaila over 60% of Gaza’s medical facilities are out of order. Specifically, al-Qaila said 16 of its 35 hospitals and 51 of its 72 medical centers are no longer operational due to shortages of fuel and medical supplies as well as Israeli shelling.


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