The government must do the right thing…

The government must do the right thing…
The government must do the right thing…

By Kostas Stoupas

1) The government must do the right thing…

In the economy, debt and unemployment decrease, income and investment increase. We may be far from the golden age of borrowed prosperity, but we are converging on the European average.

No one expected that we could become Ireland or Singapore. Neither the government sought it nor our society wanted it. If he wanted to, he would have voted for Action, the Liberal Alliance or Creation…

In national matters, the country practices a multi-dimensional foreign policy, it established an EEZ with Egypt and Italy, alliances with the USA, France and neighboring countries in the region. The main thing is that it is equipped with modern weapon systems.

It limited the migration flows without breaking with the obligations arising from international conventions and the “sensitivities” of Western democracies… In general, it seems to be moving in the right direction…

Where there is a deficit is the restoration of law and order in universities and schools. “I was saddened to see the school in this mess,” a friend of my children told us the other day, who had gone to the neighborhood high school in order to vote for the municipal and regional elections. The interior of the school had enormous damages from the successive occupations. At some point, the resources were not enough to repair and replace the damaged furniture…

No one has ever been punished for the disasters nor for the damage students are subjected to by the gaps in their education. The phenomenon, as you can imagine, is not limited to my neighborhood.

Another problem is the continued looting of public and private infrastructure for the supply of metals and other materials by local gangs, the majority of which have specific social characteristics…

Those who illegally entered the country via Rhodes a few days ago prevented the departure of the ship of the line to Rhodes, demanding transfer to a structure in Attica. A few days later we were informed that they had been transferred. If this is the case the retreat sets a bad precedent for a strategy to prevent increased flows.

In the darkest part of the current administration, it seems that wiretapping is developing. Instead of giving explanations and credentials that the government is working towards improving the conditions for the operation of the rule of law and respecting the role of independent authorities, it seems that the issue tends to deteriorate.

There is a large portion of people who helped Kyriakos Mitsotakis rise to the leadership of New Democracy, and the ND. in power, simply because he wants the country to take a few steps closer to Europe and the Western democracies.

Wiretapping “crumples” this narrative…

The government must do the right thing.

2) The administration of the state violates the laws of the state...

Dear Mr. Stoupa

I read you every day, I respect your opinions and I’m glad that ordinary citizens are given the opportunity to express their thoughts, their complaints….

On the occasion of a permit to be issued to a ready-mixed concrete plant in my neighborhood, I am writing to you as a desperate attempt to stop this process with a higher goal in mind.

Around this unit live 3 villages with a population of approximately 2,000 inhabitants. Through our communities, our presidents and recently through the electronic environmental register, we have submitted objections and disputes regarding the operation of the unit for the following reasons: a) this unit in the past had created many problems because it did not have the right infrastructure which were needed so as not to disturb the neighbors and the environment (waste drainage system, method of wetting its materials, tree planting for the noise….). The road network to and from the unit is barely able to accommodate 2 vehicles. cars ……..Then we even went to the ombudsman to be able to solve our problems. b)¨We have documents from the department of urban planning and environment that say that based on laws so and so, so and so and so and so, the construction and operation of industrial and craft facilities of medium and high nuisance within the approved limits of the settlements is prohibited… c) What I notice is happening is that this company is slowly getting a positive opinion from each service separately.

My questions are: Should we be worried and run to make assemblies, requests to the competent authorities, when there is a clear law of the state that prohibits it?

Is it possible for the citizens of this state to obey and respect its laws, when the administration of the state itself violates the laws it is called to serve, based on personal benefit and ignoring the social?

Law and order in societies is achieved by the obedience of citizens to the laws. Otherwise, we lead our future, our children’s, our next generations, our country’s future into chaos.

But how can citizens obey when they are taught the opposite?

Thank you


P. B.

PS In case of publication, my initials please.

[email protected]

The article is in Greek

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