Israel-Hamas war: No sign of de-escalation – Another nightmarish night of deadly shelling in Gaza

Israel-Hamas war: No sign of de-escalation – Another nightmarish night of deadly shelling in Gaza
Israel-Hamas war: No sign of de-escalation – Another nightmarish night of deadly shelling in Gaza

Civilians in the Gaza Strip suffered another nightmare night after another night of deadly Israeli shelling, with the IDF cutting off the north from the south of the besieged Palestinian enclave, cutting off telecommunications for the third time.

At the same time, Israel continues raids in the West Bank, with arrests and destruction of infrastructure that anger Palestinians protesting the shelling of Gaza.

The death toll in Gaza has exceeded 9,770 since October 7

No sign of de-escalation is in sight as the UN Security Council meets behind closed doors on Monday.

Jordan announced that it had delivered medical aid from the air after consultation with Israel.

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08:15 Greece sends humanitarian aid to Gaza

At 9:30 a.m., a C-130 aircraft will depart from Greece with a cargo of humanitarian aid intended for the civilians of the Gaza Strip, which will include pharmaceutical and medical materials collected by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Health and with the support of Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Industry Association.

The mission was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with the Egyptian authorities.

08:09 Arrests in East Jerusalem – After violent clashes and “in support of Hamas”

According to ynet, Israeli security forces raided the Shuafat and Anata refugee camps and arrested 23 people suspected of involvement in violent riots, which included the throwing of rocks, Molotov cocktails and flares in recent weeks, as well as inciting violence and terrorism. and support for Hamas.

During the operation, the Israeli Police announced that they found weapons and ammunition.

08:00 Drone video captures the destruction in the Magazi refugee camp

Al Jazeera exclusive video captures the devastation in the Maghazi refugee camp that was bombed by Israel on Saturday.

At least 47 people were killed in the strike on the camp in central Gaza on Saturday, according to the Palestinian health ministry.

07:50 Hundreds took part in a solidarity march for Palestine in Casablanca

A large rally and solidarity march for Palestine took place in Casablanca, Morocco.

07:45 “Enough”: UN chiefs call for immediate ceasefire in Gaza Strip

The heads of the United Nations’ main agencies released a rare joint statement on Sunday expressing outrage at the civilian death toll in the Gaza Strip and calling for an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire” in the war. Israel and Hamas.

“For almost a month now, the world has watched the unfolding situation in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories with shock and horror as the number of lives lost and destroyed grows exponentially,” the text reads.

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Palestinians search for survivors in the rubble of the refugee camp in Maghazi.

07:40 US nuclear submarine in the Middle East

The United States Central Command has announced that an Ohio-class nuclear submarine has been sent to the Middle East. So far, the US has sent two aircraft carriers, the USS Gerald Ford and the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, to the region since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas.

The Times of Israel reports that many analysts point to the significance of the fact that the US announced the location of the submarine.

US acknowledgment of the location of an Ohio-class submarine is extremely rare, as they are part of America’s so-called “nuclear triad” of nuclear weapons – which also includes land-based ballistic missiles and nuclear bombs on strategic bombers.

07:33 Blinken in Turkey – The main topic of discussion is the developments in Gaza

A few minutes before midnight on Sunday, Anthony Blinken arrived in Ankara.

The head of American diplomacy was welcomed at Esenboga airport by the US ambassador to Turkey, Jeffrey Flake, the director general of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responsible for bilateral political affairs with the US, Ambassador Yaprak Balkan and other officials.

Blinken will meet today Monday with Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan.

The main topic of their talks is expected to be the developments in the long-suffering Gaza.

07:26 IDF: 30 dead soldiers in Gaza

The IDF announced that Sergeant Sahar Cohen Mivtach from Carmel was killed during fighting in Gaza on Sunday.

Mivtach, 22, was killed in combat in northern Gaza, the Israeli military said.

His death brings to 30 the number of soldiers killed since the ground invasion of Gaza began.

In addition, the military reports that a soldier of the 202nd Battalion of the Parachute Brigade was seriously injured during fighting in Gaza on Sunday.

07:20 Moscow will be the winner of the Israel-Hamas war

“Putin is well aware that expanding the cycle of involvement in the Middle East means exhausting Washington’s military capabilities worldwide,” says Evanthia Koulouriotis, a political analyst specializing in Middle East issues and a columnist for several foreign news networks.

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07:15 New York Times: US officials “warn” Iran and Hezbollah

The New York Times reports that US officials have sent “messages to Iran and Hezbollah” that the US “will be prepared to intervene militarily against them if they carry out attacks against Israel”.

07:05 Palestine health minister: At least 175 health workers killed since October 7

Mai al-Qaila, the Palestinian health minister, said that in the 31 days since the start of the Israel-Hamas war, a total of 175 medical staff and 34 civil protection workers have been killed in the Gaza Strip.

The health minister also said that during the same period, 16 out of 36 hospitals and 51 out of 72 clinics have been shut down due to Israeli shelling or lack of fuel and medicine.

Numerous incidents have been recorded with attacks on medical facilities, such as the Arab al-Ahli Hospital, and ambulances hit by Israeli airstrikes, killing patients and medical staff.

Earlier, the UN special rapporteur on human rights in Palestine, Francesca Albanese, described the collapse of the health system in Gaza as a “catastrophe”.

06:56 New drone attacks on US bases in Syria and Iraq

The Lebanese al-Mayadeen network, believed to be close to Hezbollah, reported that US bases in Tanaf in Syria and Ain al-Assad in western Iraq were attacked by drones.

The news is also carried by other journalistic networks and Twitter accounts.

06:50 Fatah official arrested while giving an interview

Palestinians denounce the arrest of Fatah leader Rafat Olayyan while he was giving an interview at his home in the Shufat refugee camp in Jerusalem.

As mentioned above, arrests in the West Bank have continued unabated since October 7.

06:37 WAFA: At least 27 dead from overnight bombings

Palestinian news agency WAFA has confirmed that at least 27 were killed following overnight shelling across the Gaza Strip.

At least 15 people were killed in the strike in the Tal al-Sultan neighborhood of Rafah in southern Gaza.

At least 10 people were also killed in al-Zawaida in the central Gaza Strip, while two others were killed in an attack on a house in the Jabalia refugee camp.

Some areas of Gaza have not been reached by authorities or emergency services due to heavy shelling early Monday morning, and the death toll is likely to be higher.

Israel continues to bombard the Gaza Strip without stopping.

06:35 The night turned into day from the shelling

The Times of Gaza presents new videos and photos from Israel’s operations in Gaza, with shelling turning night into day due to explosions.

06:29 Another nightmarish night of deadly shelling across the Gaza Strip

Deadly shelling continued Sunday night into Monday throughout the Gaza Strip.

According to Al Jazeera Arabic, several people were killed after an Israeli airstrike in southern Gaza.

At least five people from the family of Al-Najjar Hospital’s head of public relations were killed in their home in Rafah.

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06:20 The Israeli army has surrounded Gaza City

Gaza City has been surrounded by the Israeli army, with its leaders pointing out that the fighting will take a long time.

According to Al Jazeera, the war is entering a new phase in the northern part of the Gaza Strip – with fighting in the urban part and in the tunnels – which will result in more deaths.

The Israeli military continues to update via Twitter and posts on its website about ground operations and about casualties or injuries to soldiers.

06:15 The bloodshed in Gaza continues for the 31st day

Good morning, today we will continue to monitor the developments in Gaza, Israel and the West Bank minute by minute, without any sign of de-escalation of the situation.

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