Nala: The cat who… cuts tickets for subway passengers


This cat is called Nala and has been photographed by thousands of subway passengers in London. He usually sits on the gate with the ticket sensor although sometimes he changes position.

The busy train station is her second home, with passengers enthralled by her grimaces and antics. Yes, it also has a Facebook page where hundreds of people have posted pictures of their meetings.

Miss Ambler, the cat’s owner said Nala loves being paid attention to and goes to the station both morning and evening as she knows what time the regulars will be there.


The cat is four years old and although he lives in a house near the station – and she has a family that loves her – she loves walks, said Miss Ambler.

Nala has always been adventurous and is equipped with a GPS tracker so they can see how far she goes. She usually prefers the train station or a nearby park for her walks.

“One time she spent most of the night at a cinema and a friend had to go and bring her home,” Miss Ambler reported.

Nala wears a collar with her name and owners’ details on it, but Miss Ambler said at one point she was getting “about 20 calls a day from people asking if our cat is missing”.

Nala: The cat who... cuts tickets for subway passengers

“We had to make a second label to tell people ‘it wasn’t lost.’ Her owner is not worried about her frequent escapes. “Not at all, she’s obviously loved and very happy doing what she’s doing – I just hope one day she doesn’t actually try to get on a train.”

Shaun Smith, station manager of Great Northern in Stevenage, is in love with the cat. Comment: “He breaks down barriers by making people smile and starting happy conversations between staff and customers. It helps everyone at the station feel part of the local community.”

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