The invasion by Israel is a matter of hours

The invasion by Israel is a matter of hours
The invasion by Israel is a matter of hours

They are continuous bombings that Gaza receives from the Israeli forces, with the latest raids taking place near hospitals, as reported by representatives of the local authorities, while just a short time ago it was announced that the telecommunications network went down for the third time since the beginning of the war.

Residents in the Gaza Strip are stranded without communication or internet access as the pounding continues unabated and international organizations call for a ceasefire, as thousands of civilians are at risk, including Hamas hostages.

Possible Israeli invasion in the next 48 hours

The spokesman for the Israeli Armed Forces (IDF), Daniel Hagari, said today that Israeli military forces have completely surrounded Gaza City and “succeeded” in dividing the coastal enclave in two. “Today there is northern Gaza and southern Gaza,” he said, while Israeli officials estimate that infantry forces will enter Gaza City within the next 48 hours.

According to Haaretzthe objective of the operation is to reach the Hamas fighters and destroy it network of underground tunnels of it as well as all its impoundments. Reportedly, the IDF believes that the Netanyahu government’s goal of wiping out Hamas is possible, but that it will take time, even months.

Israeli soldiers at the Gaza border


The Israeli armed forces said they would avoid entering the tunnels directly as they might hide traps and each would be dealt with from the outside by special forces. They note, in fact, that “as appropriate, and if the information indicates that it is appropriate, we will also strike the respective tunnel from the air, neutralizing anyone inside“.

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Earlier the IDF announced that since the beginning of the ground offensive in the Gaza Strip a week ago, they have hit more than 2,500 targets by land, air and naval forces.

Hezbollah rockets in Israel

Lebanon’s Hezbollah announced it launched today rockets Katiusha targeted the northern Israeli town of Kiryat Shmona in retaliation for an Israeli strike in southern Lebanon that killed a woman and three children. In a statement, Hezbollah said its attack was carried out in response to Israel’s “brutal and brutal crime”.

The Israeli military then announced that an Israeli citizen was killed in a Hezbollah bombing over the border, as tension has escalated between Israel and the armed Shiite group amid the war in Gaza. The army did not specify at what point the Israeli was killed.

Four thousand dead children in Gaza

According to the representative of the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Ashraf al-Kudra, at least 9,770 Palestinians, including 4,008 children and 2,550 womenhave been killed by Israeli shelling in the Gaza Strip from October 7th until today, Sunday (5/11).

Gaza is under constant bombardment


The Ministry of Health also appealed to International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) or in Egypt to guarantee the safe removal of the wounded from the enclave. “We call on the ICRC to guarantee a safe passage for the wounded, to accompany them and guarantee their safe arrival at the Rafah crossing until they are transferred to hospitals in Egypt,” al-Kudra said specifically.

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According to him, another option it could be for Egypt to allow ambulances into the Gaza Strip and transfer the wounded from enclave hospitals to Egyptian hospitals “to guarantee their safe exit”.

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