“They kill us one after the other, we just wait our turn”

“They kill us one after the other, we just wait our turn”
“They kill us one after the other, we just wait our turn”

“We can’t take it anymore, we’re exhausted,” he said on camera correspondent of Al Jazeera at Gauze who erupted during the report and threw away his protective gear. The journalist Muhammad Abu Khattab he had heard the news earlier that a colleague and 11 family members were killed in their home in Gaza.

“They don’t protect us”

“There is no international protection or immunity. These vests and helmets do not protect us. It’s just a word (s.s. refers to PRESS feature written on the equipment worn by journalists covering war zones) that does not protect any journalist at all. Here, we are also victims. They kill us one after another at zero cost. We’re just waiting our turn,” he says.

“Our colleague was there here 30 minutes ago and now he died, together with his wife, his brother. And many other members of his family are victims inside the hospital,” he added.

He also pointed out that the Israeli bombardments have become unbearable for the residents of Gaza. “Nobody cares about us or the widespread destruction and crimes in Gaza,” she continues, breaking into sobs.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), a total of 36 journalists have lost their lives in the clashes in Gaza.

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