Hezbollah is not the only danger to Israel from the north – Friday’s “date”

Hezbollah is not the only danger to Israel from the north – Friday’s “date”
Hezbollah is not the only danger to Israel from the north – Friday’s “date”

The south front, with the Gaza Strip blocked from October 8 and lasting pounding of the area by air, land and sea it makes sense to pull it global interesting but also the journalistic interest.

But to the north is Israel based on his information CNN Greece has accumulated far more important number of terrestrials and motorized forces and for this there is an explanation that goes beyond the timeless danger embodied by the Hezbollah.

Is clear and timeless proven that the paramilitary as well as political organization (even if outside the law), with unbreakable ties to Tehran, is an important thorn for Israel.

The fact that it has close cooperation in attacks with what are left of the Syrian forces from the east creates a difficult field for the Tel Aviv.

Hezbollah is also the unique organization, which since the beginning of the new crisis in the Middle East has actively entered without “yes but but” in its field armed confrontation – even measured.

What seems to worry her today government Netanyahu it is not the large, truth be told, arsenal of the organization that Nasrallah leads, nor Beirut’s inability to control the “rebels” who act as a regular army in Lebanon’s southern territories.

Hezbollah is the most important pole of Iran in this particular area and this is not something that Israel’s military and political staff is letting “rest” as it appears to have done with the Hamas in the south.

In the last three years at least, Hezbollah has either been at great cost optics productions either with messages on social media from the accounts it controls warns the “Zionist regime” that “revenge for the timeless crimes in the region will be a huge and extremely bloody surprise”. In addition to striking Israeli positions with mortars, drones and missiles Hezbollah seems to have received orders for the next step… With two consecutive videos in which its de facto political, religious and military leader appears (Hassan Nasrallah) has given an appointment for an important one as stated in the announcement next Friday.

Analyzing them optically data of the last video, Nasrallah leaves the priestly of ring and his glasses with which he reads and preaches the Koran and signs a paper with unknown content…

The message at the end of this highly directed clip with the corresponding background music, Hezbollah gives a “date” for Friday at three in the afternoon…

The time and day are anything but random. Friday is the day of prayer for Muslims and ends with the sermon at exactly three in the afternoon.

What will be said remains unknown with analysts appearing pessimistic…

The declaration of a “jihad» (holy war) unfortunately remains a strong possibility with all that entails.

The specific warning from Hezbollah has not gone down the drain for them either United States.

The US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, announced late last night that he will be in Tel Aviv again, for the second time in a short period of time, (not coincidentally) next Friday.

THE specific news in combination with the confirmation even through “sources” from the State Department that in Israel except Canadians commando special units of the American army are also present, it creates a scenario of further escalation, if not of contraction in surrounding area.

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