Have Glass V for F-16V, invisible or non-existent paint?

Have Glass V for F-16V, invisible or non-existent paint?
Have Glass V for F-16V, invisible or non-existent paint?

A few days ago an article was published about it with the supposed non-release of Have Glass V-type paint (special coating that reduces the aircraft’s electromagnetic footprint) for our Air Force’s F-16V fighters.

We remind here that the PA is upgrading 83 F-16C/C Block 52+/52+Adv fighters to the F-16 Block 70/72 level. Of course, the program is quite late (due to the responsibility of the ODA) and it is good not to throw the ball on the platform. However, we mention that the PA received approval for the modernization in the distant 2017 from the USA. The approval then included 123 aircraft (and Block 50s), as well as everything else required for the upgrade.

F-16 Fighting Falcons from the 40th Flight Test Squadron and 85th Test and Evaluation Squadron fly over the Emerald Coast (USAF Courtesy photo)

However, in the context of a pervasive anti-Americanism that sells, this particular report was republished by several websites (either as such, or as a basis for new articles). So the “Unreleased Have Glass V” went viral and was believed by many. And our readers, making corresponding comments.

So let’s give here an information and clarification. Have Glass V paint… doesn’t exist! In short, the non-release of a non-existent material is discussed! What applies; There are indeed dyes of this type, the Have Glass I & II for F-16C/D fighters. Right now, the next generation of dyes is the Have Glass IV. There is no V code, and maybe there never will be (although some, mostly modeling sites, list it as an F-16 shade and paint scheme, adding to the confusion).

Apparently, since the 90’s our Air Force has been licensed and given Have Glass I and II paints. Which are also expensive solutions, as the use of the Greek F-16C/D is not a “straight” flight over the Aegean, but with wear and tear for these overlays. However, the release of these Have Glass versions was not requested in the 2017 request to upgrade our F-16s, as it had already been previously approved.

The IV now (not V) is a new paint, which has been applied to a few US Air Force F-16C/Ds. As the USAF is converting its F-16s to F-16Vs and will keep them until 2050, it now has enough F-35As for low-observability missions. Let’s go further: To this day, this particular version of this paint has not been exported anywhere, as it is both very expensive and difficult to maintain, but also a “uniqueness” of the American Air Force, which uses it on some aircraft for SEAD (enemy air defense suppression) missions. We emphasize that the PA has not yet requested it – any other information – so there is no question of releasing her.

We are sorry to have to do this article, but as we also wrote in our text on Direct Assignments and Interstate Agreements, the situation is starting to get out of hand with problematic information on many equipment procurements and related programs.

In the case of the non-existent Have Glass V paint as we have more information on the matter we can and will update our readers. We will come back for other equipment of the day, which also sounds different about them. We simply record the incorrect information, in order not to leave “gaps”.

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