Brooklyn Crime: Executed Neighbor and Son for Making Noise

Brooklyn Crime: Executed Neighbor and Son for Making Noise
Brooklyn Crime: Executed Neighbor and Son for Making Noise

An incredibly brutal killer has shocked Brooklyn society. A man killed a 47-year-old man and his stepson after remarking on them for causing a ruckus.

According to the Daily Mail. o Bladimy Mathurin, 47, and his stepson Chinwai Mode, 27, were the victims of the building’s downstairs neighbor, Jason Pass, who shot them because they were making too much noise. At present, the suspect is still on the run.

What does the video show?

The shots rang out from the fourth floor of the well-known East Flatbush apartment complex where Barbra Streisand and Michael K. Williams, the late star of The Wire, grew up.

The footage shows a man dressed in black, pacing angrily down the corridor outside an apartment. As the man walks, a woman in overalls and a T-shirt emerges from an apartment as the situation escalates. The woman is followed by a man, later identified by police as the son of Chinwai Mode, 27. The video has no sound, so it’s unclear what was communicated between the neighbors.

When the situation has now passed all limits, the 47-year-old goes out into the hallway and angrily confronts the neighbor, while holding a pair of scissors. The mother then tries to push him away, but the man – reportedly an amateur bodybuilder and father of four – pushes her away. Just then, the neighbor pulls out a gun from his jacket, which immediately points at Mathurin. When he saw the gun, he turned to walk towards his door. Then, the neighbor shot him and he fell to the ground.

Afterwards, the son who was in the corridor and saw Mathurin fall down, tries to escape from the assailant, but fails and is shot several times before collapsing in a pool of blood near the stairs. The neighbor reportedly refocused his attention on Mathurin, who by then was struggling to stand up. He shoots him execution style right outside his door. The man, who has allegedly slaughtered two people, looks around the blood-stained hallway and then calmly waits for the elevator.

The moment a neighbor kills a 47-year-old man and his stepson

Complaints and threats to the neighbor

On October 28, the neighbor started banging on his ceiling because of loud noises allegedly coming from Mathurin and Delille’s apartment. Mathurin responded by knocking, prompting the neighbor to run up the stairs and kick in the family’s front door, according to the grieving widow. “This man hates us,” Delille declared.

A woman who claimed to be the elder sister of the alleged assailant said that Mathurin and his family had threatened her mother and brother before the incident. “What happened on Sunday was self-defense.” (They shouted) “We will kill you! We hate you!”, they said on many occasions. As we were going out and they were coming in or as they were getting into their vehicle, that’s what they were saying to us.”

“They tried to attack my brother,” said Pass’ sister. He said that “My brother did not go up there just to kill them. We are not troubled people.” He claims Pass had gone upstairs to talk to the family about the noise and didn’t attack first.

The suspect had made six calls to the police

NYPD said Pass had called 311 six times since March 2022 to his upstairs neighbors to complain. Delille revealed that this feud has been going on for four years.

CBS also revealed that numerous complaints had been lodged with the building’s management, but neither party could come to a common ground. Friends and family have revealed they are concerned for their safety as Pass has still not been found. They fear that the perpetrator may return at any moment.

Brooklyn Councilwoman Farah Lewis revealed that Mathurin worked two jobs to support the family. “They need a lot of support right now. Her husband was the breadwinner of the family, so he paid for her to go to school, he paid for the two children to go to parochial school. Now, they have nothing,” said Louis.

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