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Erdogan sends a ship to Gaza – Israel’s reaction will even mean a military conflict

Erdogan sends a ship to Gaza – Israel’s reaction will even mean a military conflict
Erdogan sends a ship to Gaza – Israel’s reaction will even mean a military conflict

Aksener’s attack on Erdogan pushes him to make irrational moves – “As long as the conflict between the Israeli state and the Palestinian Hamas continues, we are getting close to the Israel-Turkey conflict,” the president of the Turkish Saadet (Happiness Party), Temel Karamolaoglu, recently stated

Erdogan is preparing a new “Mavi Marmaras” operation, after the Cypriot president’s statements and communication with Netanyahu, for a humanitarian corridor, in an attempt to show his practical interest in Gaza.

“Turkey undertakes the mission of a hospital ship to Gaza”, said the Turkish Minister of Health, Fahrettin Koca, stressing that it is ready and all they are waiting for is permission.

Turkey also plans to set up a field hospital at the Rafah border gate and is trying to deliver aid to the area with A400M transport aircraft known as “Koca Yusuf”.

“As you know, we have a hospital ship ready for Gaza. We have scheduled the dispatch of almost 40 ambulances, which are ready to join the mission. We have sent incubators, ventilators and many generators, small and large, with 8 planes. A health team of 20 people is already there.

We have made all our preparations to set up 20 field hospitals both in the area near the Rafah border gate and El Arish airport.

We are in constant contact with the Egyptian and Palestinian Ministries of Health regarding all of this. We are waiting for security to be secured and permits to be issued. If permission is granted, we are ready to start dispatching health personnel and services immediately,” said the Turkish health minister.

Aksener’s attack on Erdogan pushes him to irrational actions

The leader of the far-right Good Party, Meral Aksener, launched an attack against Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the turn he made in favor of Hamas.

Aksener told the Turkish president that he is becoming “Netanyahu’s sidekick” and a defender of extremists and not mujahedeen, as he had said, stressing that he will always be on the side of the Palestinians.

But how will Israel react to the Turkish move?

“As long as the conflict between the Israeli state and the Palestinian Hamas continues in full scale, we are getting closer to the Israel-Turkey conflict” the former mayor of Sebastia and president of the Turkish political party Saadet (Happiness Party), Temel Karamolaoglu, recently stated.

This is the true and tangible reality that we now see every day.

Israel’s reaction has not yet been made known and it is not at all possible, especially at this time, the presence of a Turkish ship in Gaza, at a time when the Israelis are exterminating the Palestinian fighters.

It is estimated that we are likely to get very close to a “Blue Marble” case between the Turks and the Israelis, with the latter already having their hand on the trigger.

Erdogan is playing with ‘fire’ to show the entire Muslim world that he is the only leader of Islam today.

However, the presence of the American armada in the Eastern Mediterranean is detrimental to Turkey’s regional interests.

There is indeed a growing consensus across the Turkish political spectrum that the return of the United States to the region is an act of deterrence not only against Iran and its proxies, but also against Turkey.

The fear is that a stronger American presence will further disrupt Ankara’s efforts to prevent Kurdish autonomy led by the Democratic Union Party and the People’s Protection Units in northern Syria, which Turkey sees as an extension of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

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