Joint attack by Turkey and Iran against Israel, EU and USA – Newsbomb – News

Joint attack by Turkey and Iran against Israel, EU and USA – Newsbomb – News
Joint attack by Turkey and Iran against Israel, EU and USA – Newsbomb – News

War on Israel: The foreign ministers of Turkey and Iran launched fire against Israel from Ankara.

In the sights of the foreign ministers of Turkey and Iran found Israel, the US and the EU. The foreign ministers of the two foreign ministers in their joint statements after their meeting in Ankara, attacked Israel.

“The illegal siege on Gaza continues. The people of Gaza have been under heavy bombardment for days. It is not possible to remain silent in the face of this oppression. People are being murdered in front of the world,” he said Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan and called Israel to turn way.

“As Turkey, we have stated that we do not condone attacks targeting innocent civilians, regardless of who carries them out and for what purpose. We are in contact with relevant parties. Israel must turn back from the wrong path it took and end the violence. Israel must understand that ignoring the Palestinians will get them nowhere. It is unacceptable that some countries support the massacre in Gaza,” he added.

At the same time, he declared Turkey’s readiness to take over as guarantor of Gaza.
“We call on all actors inside and outside the region to support lasting peace. We must look for alternative solution-oriented paths. As guarantors we are ready for responsibility. We are ready to cooperate on regional issues,” he noted.

He then turned his fire on the US and the EU. “The US and the EU do not want to hear the ceasefire statement. They have not taken any steps regarding humanitarian aid,” he said.

On his part, Mr Iranian Foreign Minister Abdullahiyan accused Israel of killing civilians and using banned weapons. The Zionist regime continues to kill women, children and civilians in Gaza, especially in genocides and war crimes. In these murders he uses all kinds of prohibited weapons.”

He pointed out that Iran continues negotiations with its partners to prevent the development of war in the region. “If the war does not stop, the responsibility for the situation in the region to get out of control lies with the US, Israel and those who support war crimes,” said the head of Iranian diplomacy.

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