Queen Sofia: This is why she didn’t go to the swearing-in ceremony…


THE Queen Sofia of Spain she has lived many historical moments in her life but she missed a very important one which concerns her beloved granddaughter.

October 31 was a very important day for her Spanish royal family while the Princess Leonor came of age and was sworn in Constitution of the country.

The ceremony was grand and her parents and sister were by her side.

Princess Leonor

However, there have been some resounding absences like that of her grandmother, Honorary Queen Sofia of Spain.

The 84-year-old was not present at this historic moment and the reason is her husband.

Letizia Leonor

The princess’s grandmother did not brag about her granddaughter during the official assumption of her future duties, and Juan Carlos is to blame.

The self-exiled King of Spain lives in Dubai and makes very rare public appearances in his country. The reason is scandals that burden him with abuse of power and embezzlement of money, but also his illegal mistress.

Juan Carlos of Spain

Therefore, the palace does not want any connection of Felipe and Leonor with Juan Carlos and the scandals so he was not invited to the Congress or the Palace on the day of Leonor’s birthday.

According to Zarzuela Palace sources cited by Spanish newspaper El Pais, Queen Sofia will not accompany King Felipe and Queen Letizia to the historic occasion of the swearing-in of 18-year-old Princess Leonor, “so as not to discriminate against her husband, Juan Carlos”.

Juan Carlos Sofia

Because of this absence, it was decided that his wife, Queen Sofia, would not appear in public either.

Although the 84-year-old is one of the most active members of the royal family, she was not present at this historic moment for the family and for the country.

queen sofia

However, she was present at the private party held to celebrate her granddaughter’s birthday, where Juan Carlos may also be invited.

queen sofia

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