German Defense Minister: Let’s be ready for war

German Defense Minister: Let’s be ready for war
German Defense Minister: Let’s be ready for war

Within two days, Secretary of Defense B. Pistorius warns of a risk of war in Europe, stressing that the German army must be prepared to defend itself

“We must be able to wage defensive war” and “it is important that citizens are aware of the risk of war.” This is yesterday’s (Tuesday) statement by the Social Democrat German Minister of Defense Boris Pistorius on the German radio station DLF.

The reason for the statement was the latest developments on the Ukrainian front, with more and more voices in Germany speaking of a decrease in interest, but also in the willingness of the West to continue indefinitely supporting Kiev militarily and financially.

At the same time, Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression in Ukraine is slowly approaching the completion of two years, and all this, of course, against the backdrop of the new front in the Middle East.

For Boris Pistorius, nothing has changed in terms of Germany’s attitude towards Ukraine, and this can be seen from the fact that German financial and armament support to Ukraine is the second largest after the USA.

The German Minister of Defense states in his interview that already since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine (and) Germany is experiencing a new reality and that there is now a new “threat of war in Europe”. Therefore Germany de facto “should be prepared to defend itself”.

Second declaration of “war” in two days

This new reality also indicates the changes that must be made in terms of boosting Germany’s defense. First of all, according to the German Minister of Defense, the main priority is to speed up the modernization of the German armed forces.

What has not been done in 30 years of failures must be implemented in the next two, five years, says Boris Pistorius on German radio.

He even mentions that 2/3 of the Special Fund for the Strengthening of the German Army of 100 billion euros has been disbursed, however there are still delays related to the technical part of the restructuring as well as issues arising from the production rates of the armaments industry.

But what causes intense interest, but also concern, is that Pistorius’s warnings about the risk of war in Europe are being made for the second time in two days. Just on Sunday, he told the public network ZDF and the show ‘Berlin Direkt’: “We have to get used to the idea again that there could be a threat of war in Europe. And that means we must be ready for war. To be able to defend ourselves and for this to prepare the German armed forces and society”.

Source: DW – Dimitra Kyranoudis, Berlin

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