Bolivia cuts diplomatic relations with Israel

Bolivia cuts diplomatic relations with Israel
Bolivia cuts diplomatic relations with Israel

For alleged war crimes in the Gaza Strip

Bolivia cuts diplomatic relations with Israel

Bolivia’s government has announced it will cut diplomatic relations with Israel over alleged war crimes and human rights abuses in the Gaza Strip.

The decision to cut ties with Israel was announced at a press conference this afternoon by Maria Nela Prada, Minister of the Bolivian Presidency. “We demand an end to the attacks on the Gaza Strip which they have paid so far thousands of civilian lives and have caused the forced displacement of Palestinians,” the minister told reporters.

It should be noted that the said decision comes after the former president Evo Morales asked his country to stop the his ties to Israel because of the “terrible situation facing the Palestinian people”. Earlier this month, Evo Morales, via a post on Twitter, asked to classify Israel as a “terrorist state” and to condemn Benjamin Netanyahu and his “associates” in the international criminal court for genocide and war crimes.

Bolivia is not the first South American country to express outrage over Israel’s response to the October 7 Hamas attacks. Colombia’s leftist president, Gustavo Petro, recently likened Israel’s actions with those of Adolf Hitler’s Nazis.

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