The “slaughter” of the old guard

The “slaughter” of the old guard
The “slaughter” of the old guard

First was Alavanos, followed by Lafazanis, Varoufakis and Konstantopoulou and now it’s the turn of Tsakalotos, Dragasakis and the other children of the Marxist Left, who are standing in the way of the evolution of SYRIZA into something else, completely de-ideological. In something that will have nothing to do with what we all know the Left is, because the Left has principles and ideological axes. This formation that is going to be created will not have principles and ideology. They call it meta-politics, but meta-politics, whatever interpretation we give it, is deeply political. There is no ideologically neutral post-politics.

After all, those promoting this “gilded bow” have political goals. As wrongly claimed, this gentleman did not emerge from civil society. It was not the result of democratic functioning that breaks through barriers and opens up avenues for ordinary citizens who seek their own advancement through grassroots social processes. He was planted from abroad, after first being trained intensively by competent “coaches” who monitor and guide his every step. It is profoundly naive to think that all this communication orymagado of the last 20 days was the creation of a “bow”.

And Tsipras? His role is secondary and from the background. Today in a national audience he is a worn product, a defeated politician. It has no outward face, so to speak. He simply helps to implement a scenario, which he either could not or did not want to implement because he made wrong estimates.

And the “old guard” won’t react? Will she fatally await her “execution with a bullet to the neck?” And what to do? She will play the rest of her next Sunday, if she can last until then. Then they will party? Will they follow in the footsteps of Lafazanis? They may attempt it, because they will have a well-represented parliamentary group and a structured and disciplined political discourse, and the main thing that Lafazanis did not have, they will have a full four-year term in front of them. In such an eventuality, they will clearly outnumber the “bow” and those behind it.

However, SYRIZA did not reach this point of political collapse by chance. It was the end of a course that bears the signature of A. Tsipras. He chose Kammenos as his partner, he approved the plans of Papagelopoulos, he stood in front of Polakis and if we want to leave the details and go to the big picture, he married the Left with populism. Today, there is an absolute nothingness of politics, which could just as easily have been in Potami, in New Democracy, in PASOK, and even in the KODISOS memory mill – for the older ones, when we asked ourselves “maybe you are KODISOS and not You know;”

If I’m sad about something, it’s about some pure leftists, good people above all, who believed in the ruling Left and since yesterday they’ve been wondering where they are. They cannot realize what has happened and they tremble at what is to come. For the umpteenth time they experience the denial of their expectations.

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