Ukraine: Outrage over military envoy’s sexy poses in wartime Paris

The representative of the southern regional office of the State Security Service of Ukraine, Ivana Platovska (photo, above, from social media), knows how to live luxuriously, Ukrainian Pravda writes about the scandal caused by her vacation in the middle of the war with Russia.

Light fires

The spokeswoman defiantly flaunts her glamorous everyday life with posts on Instagram and Facebook, setting the social media ablaze as users express their outrage.

In particular, during the war, Plantovska used to show off her vacations at the resorts, with her controversial photos, including one with a Mercedes that instead of a registration number has her name: “IVANKA”, notes pravda (photo, below).

After the uproar, the spokeswoman deleted her profile on social media, from which users were pulling the controversial photos of her, which she posted on New Year’s Day and the previous period.

“Get to know. Ivanna Plantovska, press officer of the Southern Regional Office of the State Border Service of Ukraine. An officer of the Border Service of a warring country” writes lawyer Maksym Zhuravlyov in his angry message on Facebook and adds:

“The word ‘brothers’ is inappropriate”

“Once more: an officer of a country at war. She lives beautifully and rests abroad in the midst of the fiercest battles, when her brothers and sisters defend with their blood the Independence of Ukraine. Although in this case the word “brothers” is inappropriate.

“It constitutes an incurable disease”

“The question isn’t even whether her income as a civil servant coincides with a lavish lifestyle (although it does). The question is whether publishing such wartime photos while on such duty constitutes an incurable disease. I hope that the correct organizational conclusions will be reached. It is not needed in this service.’

“She posted a photo from Paris, as well as photos from the resorts where she welcomed the New Year 2023. The world is outraged because a large-scale war is being waged in Ukraine,” writes journalist Kostyantyn Andriychuk.

“The service reacted immediately”

As the representative of the DPSU, the agency where Ms. Plantovska works, said in a comment requested by Ukrainian Pravda, the agency has already taken up the issue, following the reports.

“I have no right to comment on the personal life of the servicemen of the State Security Service of Ukraine, it is everyone’s business. However, I can note that regarding the case that has been unfolding in recent days around our military in Odessa, the service reacted immediately,” said the representative Andriy Demchenko.

“The decision, in particular, will concern her further position in the service and the exercise of her duties. Everything will be dealt with within the framework of the legislation”, he pointed out.


And he added: “I may note separately: it is truly unfortunate for us that during the war, when most of our comrades in arms are defending the country and dying for it, there are those in our ranks who pay more attention exclusively in their personal lives, looking at the same time as if they were proud of it.

“Furthermore, this kind of display is against the moral rules and unacceptable in time of war. Everything will be judged fairly.”

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