‘Qatar is a pioneer in labor rights,’ says Eva Kaili

‘Qatar is a pioneer in labor rights,’ says Eva Kaili
‘Qatar is a pioneer in labor rights,’ says Eva Kaili

The least derogatory were the statements of PASOK-KINAL MEP Eva Kaili about Qatar, at the moment when a “bloody” World Cup is being held.

Ms. Kaili before the European Parliament, despite the human rights violations in the country and the thousands of dead workers she left behind the construction of the otherwise spectacular stadium and facilities for the World Cup, talked about a “pioneer in labor rights” country.

He also invoked the International Labor Organization (ILO), ignoring how he has denounced mass deaths of workers in the country.

Yes, he actually reprimanded the Europeansthat they are bullying the Qataris, while taking their natural gas.

“Today, the World Cup in Qatar is a testament to how sports diplomacy can achieve the historic transformation of a country, with reforms that have inspired the Arab world. They committed to a vision by choice and opened up to the world,” Eva Kaili said initially in her speech, then characterizing Qatar “pioneer in labor rights”.

“However, some here are calling for us to discriminate against them. They bully them, accuse everyone who talks to them or is involved with them of corruption. However they still get their natural gas. Again, they have companies making billions there.”

While concluding: “They are a new generation of intelligent, highly educated people. They helped us reduce tension with Turkey. They helped us with Afghanistan to save activists, children, women. They helped us and they are peace negotiators, they are good neighbors and partners. We can help the each other to overcome shortcomings. They have already achieved the impossible.”

Watch Eva Kaili’s speech:

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